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Rosetta and The Dreaming

During the First Age Rosetta made a deal with some kind of creature. Three adventures met a creature that might be the one Rosetta made a deal with. Three of us woke up in the Dreaming in a place with a white bird. There we met a creature who was just a shadow on the ground. It said that it didn’t have a name, and hinted that it was a bad idea to give it a name. The one thing it said over and over is names have power. If it had a name it would have a lot more power. It spoke to us in a female voice but said it was both male and female. It said that it’s a storyteller and has the power to write stories. Not just any stories – the story of someone’s life. It was originally summoned to write history so that Oberon wouldn’t take over Fae. However the person who summoned it couldn’t pay the price and so things happened as we know them. This is the same as the creature Rosetta made a deal with, because he couldn’t pay the price to that creature. It also wanted a necklace that we believe is Rosetta’s or is connected to him.

This creature explained to us how the cycle worked and how Masks was born. When it was asked what happened to Raido (one of Rosetta's students) in the end the creature said “Raido gave herself to the rune” and that Radio followed a path until she felt like that was her only option. The creature also said the rune names come from those who found and perfected them. It explained that things in Fae were, are, and always will be until they change and that enough people with the same will can change what is, was, and always will be. It offered to write us our story in exchange for an item from us, but if that item was given a name it couldn’t take it because names have power. It also couldn’t answer if Rosetta was the one who summoned it because names have power. We also found out that we were changing its place in the Dreaming. When we first got there it couldn’t snap but by the time we left it could.
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