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Little Known Things: Rosetta

This Counselor had an on again off again relationship with Nimbus.
Puck was a confidante of this one of Mabís Counselors.
Berkano was a close friend of this Counselor.
This Counselorís preferred disguise is named Jeremiah.
The one associated with the Runic Magic Creation.
- All from An Entertaining Dream, a gathering that happened in early July. - Aven (End Page 1)

Rosetta wanted badly to be part of the Courts, equals to Lords/Ladies (perhaps even a Duke or Duchess), but in being a counselor to the Queen, they were outside the courts. He thought getting a Deep Fae would help that. When he hooked up with his 'Deep Fae', however, he overnight completely abandoned his want to be in the courts and thus missed all the politics that went on for the next several decades/centuries/etc. That's why he was an easy but powerful pawn. That's all the Five were on the chessboard, really: Special Pawns.

Nimbus was neat because when she gets in the home row she can be a queen.
Rel was more over in the Queen's Bishop area (one with nature, really) for pawn.
Masks was Queen's Knight's pawn for being odd in movements with everyone.
Gwydion was Queen's Rook's Pawn.
Rosetta was the closest pawn, but in front of the King due to the fact that he was doomed to take the fall for one King's attack on another.

So, there you go. - Aven, July 22, 1011 M.R. (End Page 2)
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