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O Brother - Meanwhile, Mysts

Written by: Aven
Date: March 11th, 1009

...it regained consciousness. It had been a while since it wasn't 'aware' for a space of time. Heh, time...
It raised its head from its chest, blinking. Was it imagination, or were a couple of chain links...

Knowledge of what happened struck Rosetta. It felt simultaneously freer and crippled. One third of its soul was lost, and one seventh of its seal had lifted...but even that felt temporary. The House of Harkon was extremely hard to kill. Violet eyes literally flashed with power and anger.

"Ged. You've failed me. And worse, you've failed your friends. A king must protect his people, otherwise he's not worth the dirt he rules. One third of my soul, one seventh of my Seal broken." It shook its head. "Not like this. I won't let it go on like this. I. Won't. LOSE HER!"
The chains rattled with its thunderous proclamation, and two slid off the wrists though it was still very much pinned to the cold iron throne. "I'm tried of lesser beings making decisions for me, and I'm tired of being taken advantage of like some miserable old whore. I won't be their puppet, their personal punching bag for when things have gone wrong... And they have."

Shadows moved around in the Mysts as a personal light more clearly defined and detailed Rosetta. Gone for now was the patience and compassion and warmth of Fire, all that was ruling was him, Space. "My new students have had enough 'time' to learn all about me! I'll show them all that they can never forget a Mage." He concentrated, summoning his full spell book before him. It floated a few inches in front of his face before he mentally directed it to lay open at his feet. He leaned over his bonds of chain and began to read.
"Never send a human to bear a Fae's burden, never ask a friend to do what you aren't prepared to do, never give up, never surrender." A sigh. "Ged... I'll clean up your mess, but I can't do it with my power constantly ebbing, never knowing if I'll wake up remembering how to breathe or think. Now to restore what little sanity I have."
His wounds forever aching from the cold iron, his muscles screaming in protest, Rosetta shuffled around his wrists and hands until he could start tearing off the remains of his dress shirt. In most visions, including one recently to Raon Fire, he appeared in flowing purple and white robes; but he was far more damaged than he lead her to believe. Ignoring the pain, he began to weave his magic around himself. Two spells, based on his own runes, and each meant to protect and bolster only him. He weaved them both, and knew he could resist the paradox if the Mysts didn't do it for him. Granted, that was all the Mysts did; left him guessing if he was wrong or right.
It was maddening. Truly, he couldn't wait to leave it. "Prisoner of the Nothing, needing nothing, I marshal my mind and collect my thoughts. No longer shall I forget constantly the present, but retain what I know then and now. Mantorok Matsu Elhazt Matsu Eido Usa Zeu. I cancel the forgetfulness of the Mysts, and push them back from myself... Give me some room to breathe!" he growls, as the Mysts billows a bit away from him, revealing an elf of female build in black, blue, white, green, and fall ivy leaves. He glared at her. She glared at him.
"Are you going to interrupt me?"
"Nothing you do will get either one of us out; do what you'd like."
"Your vote of confidence is overwhelming, love."
"Use a term of endearment on me again and I swear I will--" and the Mysts took her away once more.
"Well, what do you know. You're ARE useful," quipped the Mage. "Life Beyond Fire, Truth beyond Space, I summon that which I lost and bind my old power to me."

As Rosetta finished casting the Runes that would have permitted him to bring the power back for his personal use, his chains seared his skin and steamed with magic, binding him ever tighter. He cried out through gritted teeth, and sunk forward against his bonds. After what seemed like hours (years), he shook his head. "No use... they really did a number on me. In trying to bring back some of my lost power, I'm cut. In gaining a greater degree of control over my magic being used in the rest of the world, I'm chastised by magics long dead and gone... There must be a way to improve it, and slowly add power back to me. I want to avoid the possibility of unconsciousness again."
He bent his thumbnail up, and carefully prepared the best cutting implement he had. Slowly, determinedly, he cut the runes he needed for each of the two spells he wished to cast into his own arms. With his left arm he held onto the knowledge, and as the Mysts threatened near he clawed it away. Then, with his right arm, he re-asserted control over his shifting and flowing power. I can't shut off the flow, that would alert my enemies and students alike, but giving myself the control I used to have...that won't raise any eyebrows.

His preparations complete, Rosetta mentally focused his power and drew images into his mind of him no longer being bound to a throne, but of himself healthy and hale, standing not sitting, and at the height of his grandeur from days of old.

Old days that would never come again. He closed his eyes. "Mab, protect me..."
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