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Rosetta's Story

Author: Ged
Date: 12/5/10
(Unlike the other stories listed here, I did not witness this one through the Mysts. This came to me when I invoked a Vision of Rosetta and his master.)

I saw a young boy, an elf, with bright purple eyes and hair, running through a field. He was running because he wanted to find his friend, Berkano, the hill giant, so they could play together.

He found Berkano, but the giant was chained, weeping. And in front of him was Rosetta's master, wearing a cape of Space, tiny stars on deep black.

The boy, Rosetta, cried out, asking his master what he was doing, and why he was doing it. His master only replied that it was magic beyond any Rosetta could ever hope to wield, so he should stay out of the way and learn.

Rosetta watched, helpless, as his master drew the ritual to a close. A large, angular 'B' hovered in the air, and Berkano faded away, hurt and betrayed. The 'B' scattered.

Tears in his eyes, Rosetta called out "BERKANO! NO!" and began to beat his fists against his master, an impotent child raging against the unfair. But as he cried the name of his friend, he began to grow in size, as large as the giant himself had been, still raining his fists down on his cruel master. The elderly elf died that day, body crushed before Rosetta knew what he had done.

Still crying, Rosetta fled, running over hills and through forests, until finally he tripped on a tree root and lay sobbing, the magic slowly ebbing out of him. As he lay there, he heard a melodious voice say, "Are you alright, little boy?"

He turned, and looked to see the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Wonderment in his eyes, he followed her, away from that mournful place.

(There is more to the story of how Rosetta became one of the Five Counselors, but this is his start.)
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