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About Wands

Wand:(wnd) noun

1. A rod-shaped instrument used by a wizard or a wizardess.

2. A thin, often tapered piece of wood which has been empowered with magical abilities.

3. A magical instrument.


Whether your wand chose you directly in person, or if it felt and chose you through someone close to you who has presented it to you as a gift, you are now in possession of an instrument which has the potential of immense power. Along with this potential comes much responsibility! Read this document carefully. The rules which govern the use of a wand are there for good reason. They must not be ignored!

Of all the magical objects that be, the most familiar by far is the wand. Crystal balls, magic brooms, books filled with spells and such; all have their place in the world of magic, but none are as well-known, or as powerful, as the wand. Beginners such as you are protected in a number of ways; the various containing, restraining and de-magictizing spells prevent beginners from overstepping their magical abilities. As you grow magically, the wand will shed some of those limiting spells, but not all. You need not concern yourself with this process... the wand will know when to shed what.

The following rules apply always. Any attempt to break even one of these rules will cause your wand to reject its magic, thus becoming completely and permanently disabled. No exceptions!

1 - Never use a wand to strike any living being!
2 - Do not attempt to perform any dark magic, or any harmful or dangerous spells, as we handle only good-magic instruments.
3 - Never use your wand as a weapon.

In addition to these three rules, other forbidden attempts to use magic through your wand will result in its becoming null for a period of time, the duration of which will obviously be determined by the wand. Selfish, self-serving or wrongful usages such as cheating, using another person for your own benefit, gaining something you would better gain by honest effort will fail, so don't even bother.

All this might seem to suggest that your wand doesn't amount to very much, but that's not true. The source of any wand's magic comes from within your heart, your very soul, your star. Wands must be 'charged', in order to grow their magic and they do so along with you. As you grow, physically and magically, everything you do will either help or hurt your wand's power. At first, your wand will do little, this is true, but that will change! Always look within your heart to focus your wand. Believing in yourself and your abilities is important. This simple act is one of the most powerful 'charging' acts one can perform. Lending support to someone who needs it. Performing your own tasks to the best of your ability, be it hard labor, work in the written word, or anywhere in life. Any act of kindness. Doing good-deeds. Your wand will absorb it all; no matter how far away from it you might be, it will know.

Good luck!

- This was an ancient paper from one of the last surviving members of Rosetta's Black Star Guild, back when he, she, or it was teaching human children in return for shelter, clothing, and food. - Aven
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