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Valarie Hart's Take

Rosetta is the Mage. After The Purging he was sealed inside the Mysts of Forgetfulness and he has been there since Oberon took over as King of Fae. This is why we only have partial information about him. Recently he has made contact with some adventures and we have been learning about him and his magic.

Rosetta’s intentions, however, are still unclear. We know that he was allied with Oberon and that his downfall was his arrogance and his love for Queen Mab. He wanted to prove to her he was as good as Cuculain so he wanted to become part of the Court. However, if he did this by normal means he would have to start at the bottom and work his way up. Rosetta couldn’t stand for this. He had a role to play in The Purging itself, but what exactly that was is still unknown. However, Rosetta’s current actions suggest that he is not entirely evil. Once he helped an adventure who was in over her head, and another time he helped an adventure who stumbled into the Mysts of Forgetfulness get out.

Rosetta also created “the runes”. This is controlled Fae belief magic that he uses. The runes are magic words that, when said, create a certain effect, such as making water or fire appear. The more words used the more powerful the effect, but more people are needed to make it work and it is more likely something will go wrong. Also if you use his magic incorrectly bad things could happen. For example, instead of creating water you could turn into water. Right now we are unsure how or why he created this magic. However we do know that it is connected to his students. His students all had names that matched the rune words.

During the First Age (the time when Queen Mab and King Cuculain ruled Fae) one of his students named Raido was instructed to make a pathway to the Realms. Back then Fae and humans had very little contact. Rosetta wanted to make a pathway of some kind to the Realms in order to trade with humans. Since Fae cycle and don’t really die they lived completely different lives from humans and therefore humans had emotions, customs, and things Fae didn’t. According to Raido Rosetta was very very excited about the idea of a pathway to the Realms, and he hadn’t gotten excited over something like this in a long time. Raido also said that Queen Mab liked this idea while Oberon was against it.

One thing we know for certain is that Rosetta made a deal with some kind of creature, either to work his way up the courts faster or to stop The Purging, or for another reason entirely. Whatever the deal was the price needed wasn't paid.

Rosetta and the other Councilors also appeared at Feast of Chimeron 17. They were from the First Age and thought they were still there. They saw the adventures there as servants or goblins or other fae in their time. None of the Councilors could see each other. Later on we realized Masks sent them here to tell us a story.

Rosetta appeared and said that he saw a vision of “A darkness of infinite swords not made here.” This darkness was The Purging and the swords were most likely wayland blades. He was trying to figure out which runes to use to find out what this darkness was. He saw those of us around him as his students. At first he tried drawing one kind of spell but he didn’t think that would work. The adventures tried talking to him and making suggestions on what he should do. During this he mentioned that one of his runes comes when called but is uncultured and does his own thing once he is called. This suggested that the runes themselves may be his students, since he seemed to be describing a person yet he was also talking about a rune. There was also a student of Rosetta’s from the first age taking notes.

He spent a long time talking out how to find out what the “infinite swords” was and finally used a more powerful spell. He and other adventurers chanted out the spell. Once it was finished Rosetta dropped to his knees, had this look of shock on his face, and then disappeared.
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