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September 20th, 1010

September 20th, 1010

So, I've actually come home to Glendale, thought Tria as she collected eggs from under the hens. I haven't been able to sleep much the past few nights, apart from when I had that dream, and it's hardly been restful... I needed my momma and papa, Tria looked up to the small beams in the hen-house as the birds clucked around her. She shook her head. Eggs make the pain go away! she joked to herself as she re-focused on her task.

Tria had spent a lot of time in Nan's little divining room when she first returned, talking to Luna every time. She tried not to be overcome by grief that the two men she was in love with were either dead or dying.

Granted, there's a new man to get to know. Valas... but he never returned my letter, and I don't want to keep intruding on him. Unless... she made a face as she paused over the pans she was scrubbing. Unless he's dealing with the bite effects. Oh Luna, if I had divinatory magic, I'd ask what I could do to cure him, especially considering the fact that we're unlikely to kill Oslem and get his venom in time to make an antidote. Tria frowned and returned to her scrubbing. Sadly, I don't have any real time to spare since Ged's been gone. I mean, if Valas wants to come here to Glendale, he's more than welcome. I extended an open invite.

Tria finished the rest of the pans, then slowly dried each one and put them back where they belonged. As she stoked the fire and put on a small black cauldron so her momma could have a fresh, warm pot for the stew that would cook for hours later, she realized something: I'm lonely.
Later that night, Tria said quietly to herself, "You know, it might be time to do some experimentation... creative ways of breaking bonds, a.k.a. experiments with Matsu. Maybe I could start small to build up a massive spell to finally free Rosetta."
Whoa, wait a minute, Tria! she thought to herself. I know I'm at Glendale at home, chillin' in the room, but experimentation in breaking bonds is something WAY huge to declare doing in a mundane place... and it's not even my place, but Nan and Ned's... How would I even practice such a thing?
"Yeah, that's true," she sat down on the small stool and starting scrutinizing the kitchen for usual objects. "But you underestimate me, Me. Remember when Ged & I used to just play with Runes and see what they did? This would sort of be like that... One thought would be physically tying something to a chair and trying to break the ropes. Another thought is seeing how powerful and/or versatile spells could be; testing out runes I'm unsure of."
But that generated Paradox, too. Am I sure I wish to try this without a way to slough this off when it's this close to the Knight of the Eternal Flame gathering to the Nexus? I know that there I can get back Ged...
"...but what else am I going to do with myself? Mourning is only useful for so long and Rosetta wants to see progress."
"Who are you talking to, girl?" called out Ned.
Tria blinked, realizing she pretty much had an entire conversation with herself. "N-nobody! Nobody at all! Just myself! So... nobody!" She stood and dusted off her skirt. "I'll start cutting the vegetables for the stew, Papa, so let Momma know she doesn't have to get up from tea for a bit."
"I can hear just fine!" replied Nan.
Tria chuckled as she pulled out the turnip and the three carrots from the basket on the table. Gosh, I sound more and more like Rel Zhirah. Rosetta! Ged! she looked up out the kitchen window into the moonlight. Wait for me! I'll figure things out. You'll see.
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