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Nertail Talis Cameron d'Ma'at, Steward of New Verai (and his entourage) were seen exiting the Black and White Masquerade Ball very hastily.


Massive pylon work continues despite the heavy rains, winds, and occasional night-time crime to it. Some base arcane help was called in to fix the painted damage done to one spot over the base of the side with the listed monarchs. The painted graffiti was in Common, stating that 'the strangers are coming' and 'all hail the mad king'.

[Eagle’s Rook]
The Blue Forest is being blamed for the mauling of one patrol pair, and the disappearance of another. Although patrols have been stepped up, no portals of any type have been discovered. There are, however, random stones being turned, for the lichen growing on them resembles odd patterns.

[Toward Neo-Hellenic Isles]
The eastern south seaboard in this area has been wilder than autumns remembered. Speculation is being made on to whom which god one should call for a reprieve to the boats: Luna for the tides, Leviathan for the waters, or something deep, or more strange...

[New Illinar]
The playtest on the borders by Har'dro's Havocs were interrupted by werewolves attacking the environs. Many an adventurer helped in defending and sending them away or outright taking their hides, but not before a couple of werewolves did damage of another type back to some adventurers... Ragnar Blackmane also appeared, to publicly sponsor a "Reader" named Thoril and his team. The Church of Aurora chose to sponsor Team Aurora and their Reader, Laika. Team Beam and Team Lemming do not currently have sponsorship.

[New Verai]
As more people come to the aid of New Verai, rumors of artisan guilds forming have begun to reach the southern reaches of the Realms. "Fair pay for fair wages, and we set the price" seems to be the main motto for the Laundress Guild.

What commoners are now calling a snarled or knotted area of light strings were openly attacked by said strings on the first Saturday of November. The governor is at a loss as she herself cannot find the lights that her people are being harmed by, and asks that any nobles or land-holders near to Wendmor to let her know if they might accept small families to protect and care for over the winter season until this matter can be settled.
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