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[Across the Realms]
People have been hearing whispers of “fireflies” appearing in the night. Small children, and even adults touch them, and they just sort of disappear. Reports of this seem to be becoming more and more frequent.


It seems like in every tavern you hit, someone has a story about how they wandered off the beaten path, for just a few minutes, and come back to find things have changed for years. Either that or people’s fashion sense is very vintage.


For those that may have the ability to see or commune with the dead, it seems the spirits are restless and growing more so. They seem worried...
They whisper of a creature, with a face of bone and head of feathers. This creature has been taking other spirits they know. The lost wandering souls know not what this creature is, nor what it is doing with the spirits it finds, only that those it claims are never seen or heard from again.
They paint this creature as evil, demonic and a practitioner of dark magics. To those seeking more information, they part few words. "Stay away from the black goat!"


Some people are saying that Daekara of Invictus is the bastard son of Tao Ya Kang, Duke of Clontarf and a Dragon he drunkenly seduced on a bet he made with the late King Dimos Dark of Blackwood, his knight.

Says Tao: “Daekara is the prime example of why you shouldn’t seduce a dragon as part of a drunken bet”


The higher than normal heat and humidity is being blamed on the new powers given to Apollo as he rides the chariot across the sky. Artemis in her now mortal form has been quoted as saying “My brother is running the heat well into the night and it’s just brutal. I hope he figures this out before harvest.”

The murdering of the peasants of Chimeron continues. While there was a lull for over a month, two new bodies have been found, this time within their homes. The only thing that connects these murders to the others are the words in blood: “Give us the Skull”.


In response to the Church of Aurora's proclamation of no tolerance on slavery; many of the faithful common-folk have begun peaceful protesting due to Chimeron's ties to a nation with legal slavery. These protests take the form of small gathering in front of churches and in town squares.

[Deep Faerie]
A large number of Fae folk have been appearing in the Realms, claiming one of the Deeper Fae Realms has fallen to the Sluagh and have created fortresses well within. While those claiming this seem sincere, the ways into Deep Fae are difficult to find, let alone return from. When asked for more information, they say you must speak with the Dullahan and ride the Death Carts into the Ashfield Realm. Considering no mortal returns from riding the Death Carts, the most adventurous usually drop inquiring at that point.

The Neden Forge has been non-stop since a fortnight prior to Feast of Folkestone. Lord Syruss anticipated a much need reprieve after the feast but alas was sorely mistaken.
With no consistent help at the Syruss Neden Detective agency crime is on the rise in Neden Bandits and Highway-Robber-People have seen plundering with almost no resistance. If it was for the random Neden boy popping out of one of SIr Naj's random portals they would go unchecked.
Sir Naj is frantically preparing for allies to join him September 30th to help drive back some of the bandits as well as salt the rest of the pesky slugs taken over brains.
For more on Brain Eating Slugs check out the Next Issue of the Neden Kazoo.
In local New Shady Falls has a new pint-sized hero. Sir Al was seen rescuing a local swim team from a roving pack of wild centaurs.

[New Verai]
Some citizens of New Verai have said there appears to be unrest between Nertail and his advisors. Specifically, shouts and arguments have been heard between Sha’ari, the General of the Sisters’ Army, and Steward Nertail. No one knows the nature of these arguments, only that there are many times the army has needed to quell the blood lust with ritual drinking.


The New Verai Magistrate, Adio Eristu, has been seen lounging with two new slaves around various gardens and parties. They say that these slaves were gifts from Sha’ari after a public argument between her and the Magistrate.


Wanted posters seeking the whereabouts of a specific guard have been posted around New Varai and in some taverns on the outskirts. The posters state the guard is only wanted for questioning, but they also note “dead or alive”. A 500 Gold Piece reward is being offered.
Slave Grade Pickles are all the rage in New Verai. Some are saying that you can only get them through the Magistrate.

[Sapphire Island]
A fog has been seen some miles away from the eastern coast. Sailors are advised to take precautions. Some have stayed in ports waiting for the fog to clear. Reports say the bank of fog stretches far to the south as well, but no reports of it past the eastern borders of Rathkeale and miles out. Some are navigating south before sailing east to get around it, but navigating through the islands south has its risks as well.

[Western Realms]
The religion of the White Lilly (the worship of the mortal known as Lilly) continues to grow. She and her followers have been seen in the smaller unprotected towns, curing them, repairing their crops, and repairing the damage of now reported three large stone creatures. Temples to the White Lilly can be found scattered throughout the lands at this point. They can be distinguished by three white flowers and one red, usually in the center. It is supposed to represent the masks of the Chosen that worship Lilly: a clean white mask with a red line in the center of the forehead.


(Written in gold ink on thick white paper)

Madness must be a choice not forced, you will be shattered by my light for even the smallest light can banish the darkness.
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