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[Across the Realms]
Since March, stars have been disappearing from the sky during new moons. When this first happened, most people chalked the “disappearance” up to mislabeled star charts because none of the stars were part of named constellations, but the theory is losing ground as more stars go missing. To date, four stars have gone missing: one in March, one in April, and two in May.

Towns near the western edge of Chimeron have fallen prey to what is being called “Night Terrors”: in the middle of the night, people are screaming and running off. Of those they find, the persons are usually still asleep while they scream and run. There have been many who the screaming abruptly stops. Those people have not been found.


There is a new fear among the poor and downtrodden. People of lower class have been being found killed brutally overnight. The only clue that the murders are linked, is all victims seem to have written a message in their own blood before they died. The message reads: “Give us the skull.”

A shining white and gold knight was seen riding a war horse Sunday evening of the Gathering known as Tournaments of Creathorne on the roads south of Creathorne heading south. There are no reports of this knight south of Blackwood.

[New Verai]
Some grizzled members of the Army of New Verai have been heard to complain (but never when officers are around) that some members of that nation with that, ya know, with all them different coats of arms, ya know, the one sometimes they ware green with the white leaf, but sometimes its multy colored vests, ya them, but anyways they can’t be trusted. That one that coins burn, he might be blind, weird that he is a leader but him you know the one, he hired us to do a job when we were on some R and R. Always looking to get some extra coin, helps with the donations to the ladies, but where was I, o-ya, we were doing it, sometimes fighting, sometimes sitting, they could not make up there minds, but we was finally staring to make progress, when I guess he ordered everybody to attack us, cause they tired, and they failed, but the priest guy, I did not tell you about the priest? Oh beard, funny name like lika or something, had a necklace with a weird white star in a circle, but anyway he came out with us and he was lucky I did not kill him then and there, but he apologized for not telling us about some plan sounded like a lot of crap to me. Fortunately there forces were not up to the task, and we got away. sos anyway the blind guy that was allergic silver and the priest, don’t trust um. I know the treaty ended the war, but I guess some of them did not get the message.

[Southern Realms]
Just before the Tournaments of Creathorne: A blue beam of light illuminated the sky. It's terrestrial origins somewhere in the south near the Lost Kingdoms. Some eye witnesses claim a single shining star went up the blue beam an disappeared into the sky. Moments later the blue beam of light snuffed out.

[Western Realms]
There is a growing religion that follows a woman known as Lilly. Just recently, an outlying town had been devastated by famine and sickness when Spring came. Most standard magics could not aid in the recovery. Lilly is reported to have come into the town and been able to heal the people and the land. Similar miracles have been reported in outlying communities, from making bad well water drinkable, to lifting collapsed structures and saving those inside. Her “Belief Magic” has begun to attract followers. They wear white robes and have a white mask with a single red dot in the center of the forehead. Her followers profess to draw their powers from their worship of her. So long as they believe in her, they are able to cast their spells as any in the Realms.
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