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[Across the Realms]

The cold nights have seemed to have brought a boon to many communities. There have been scattered reports of less Goblin sightings and raids than is normally expected. Some claim the sustained cold weather keeps them in their dwellings. However the winter nights and dwindling food supplies usually produce an annual spike of activity. So while some farmers on the edges of protected lands are relieved, the more militant among them are concerned.


People have still been discussing odd dreams where people in maroon tabbards briefly appear. It seems that any given person has not received this dream twice.


More elderly folk have been falling peacefully to sleep and then never awaking. Young children also seem to have this odd sleeping sickness, but so far most tricks used to rouse a deep sleeping child have been effective and no comas have been reported in this regard.

[Eagle’s Rook]

After the return of an evil artifact by the hands of Yule himself, some citizens of Eagle's Rook are asking their higher ups to clear out the area that exists above Haze altogether; there are thoughts of going 'spelunking' in what remains as it was thought that the late Pyr moved the Vault itself, however no facts have been confirmed at this point.

[Griffindor, Chimeron]

A band of dark elves were fought off by a small amount of nameless militia; the elves got away with many wounds and the militia took in the banner that had been raised for their captain to investigate.

[Thorne Valley]

A small family had been found frozen in the snow, and none of the four were recoverable to life once thawed.

[Unclaimed Land]

On the roads west of Invictus and east of the Iron Kingdom, there have been rumors of groups of travelers in black, worn cloaks, stopping anyone upon the roads. The reported leader among them, a figure calling itself Shale, is asking for any information people may have about a skull made of solid gold. While no one has been reported as harmed, most come away from the encounter with a deep feeling of dread. The number of the group encountered has been between 5 and 18 figures. No one has been able to give any other detailed description.


A band of fur trappers in the forest south of Blackwood reported seeing a trio of shooting stars followed by a thunderous crash just after sunset on Midwinter. Three of the trappers went to investigate but had not returned to the camp by the following morning. The remaining two trappers attempted to locate their missing companions by following their tracks, which lead them to an area littered with fallen trees. The rough terrain and impending snow storm forced them to call off the search without finding another trace of the three.

[Valley of Dreams]

Mercenaries hired by the Misty Hill Mystics have been getting rougher, and there are also rumors that 'soft spots' are appearing in random places on the Prime Material Plane, and then just as often as not disappearing on the same hour its discovered. The Mystics are deeply disturbed by their newest guest, who claims to want to exist in both their Realms and The Dreaming, as no one they can recall has done that successfully in recorded Realms history.

[Western Mountains]

Ribbons of intense yet colorful light could be seen all this week from the City of Ivory and points closer from midnight until dawn. Some said that it was the hand of Aurora showing that She was still alive and well; other commoners suspected wizardry. Children of all types found it to be a wonderful display.
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