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Across the Realms]

Folks from all walks of life are preparing for the blossoming of Spring. As the days get longer and the nights get warmer, the wind is beginning to carry the first notes of Change. Anyone with even a slight connection to magic can tell that there has been a shift in the World, as if the sky was suddenly a slightly different shade of blue.


Several astrologists were surprised by the sudden disappearance of a minor star during the most recent new moon. The star was not part of a named constellation and was rarely marked on any but the most detailed star-maps. This lack of documentation has led skeptics to believe that the star never existed in the first place.


A recent storm caused widespread damage in coastal and island provinces. Heavy winds whipped up brutal waves which wiped out fishing piers and flooded roads. Several people have been reported as missing.


The reserves of the Chimeron Militia are being called to arms in preparation for the upcoming battle against the Risen Kingdom. Some farmers and merchants who deal in farming goods have expressed frustration with being called up so close to the start of the planting season.

[Chimeron: The Felwood]

During the recent storms came a commotion amongst the Felwood. The great Ent sentries have been seen kneeling to someone being referred to as "The new Lady of the Wood". However with all of the damage from the storms, it has been difficult to confirm since most trails into and out of the Felwood seem impassable.


Two corpses, a man and a woman, were found on the shore of Portsmouth in Folkestone. Both have been rotting for a couple of days. All attempts to raise them have failed. Authorities believe the two were dumped there with the intention of losing the bodies to the waters, but the attacker/murderer didn't plan correctly, and the bodies were discovered before the tide pulled them into the ocean. They were wearing clothing in shades of blue and gray, and both had holes cut into their chests (yet no organs were missing).


An unnatural cold swept through Charlesford last night. Reports say that the river was frozen solid enough to walk on north of the city. Chunks of ice were seen moving downstream this afternoon. Hunters report tracks of several hundred people moving through the forests north of Charlesford, heading west. It is very likely this group walked across the temporarily frozen river in order to cross it into Ivory proper, but when the city prepared to receive such a group... no one and nothing arrived.


Lord Nymbous and Duke Syruss are hard at work in the Neden stables preparing for an Equestrian surprise for all the Realms to see at their upcoming BBQ.
Sir Naj has all but perfected his Portal Techniques and is now working on scrying areas to check their safety before opening Portals in the Castle.
In other News, the Undead are busy repairing the South wing after Lava appeared in the hall out of an unknown Portal.
Syruss who has recently hired Zodiark, Cabby, and Dith to help out with his detective agency has been on the case of the Missing Cases. Apparently, someone broke into Syruss's office and stole a bunch of sensitive information.
Dresden O'Leary from the Neden Kazoo paper has been looking for new writers/reporters looking to showcase their creative talents. All inquiries can be sent Raven to Dresden's room.

[New Verai]

Word of the Magistrate's caravan being attacked while en-route back to the palace has quickly circulated. The Magistrate survived unscathed but many important gifts were stolen.


Bob the camel was retired from the racing circuit for poor performance. A feast will be held in his honor where he will provide his last savory bit of usefulness.


Rumor from the Verai Palace is that Nertail was quite pleased with running his first successful feast for Cerwyden in the Realms.


The Army of the Sisters are looking for a second General.


The Magistrate will be taking collections for the Ema Memorial Fund and that donations should be sent to his estate in New Verai. A portion of donations received will go to help former slaves get a start in the world.


Saurabia is looking for an experienced Scientist to help us with an exciting Science. Must have at least a B.S. (a Be a Scientist) in a Science field. We can't pay you, but in exchange for your work you'll have unlimited access to Saurabia's facilities and considerable raw magical power for use on any of your own research projects. To inquire, tell Larry Saurus that you're a Scientist, or that you know one. ((OOC note: inquiries can be made directly to degenhardt.adam at gmail dot com))


A large earthquake was felt in the lands of Stonewood. The aftershocks shook the foundations of many buildings and set the peasantry at into a panic. Officials are unsure if the quake was natural or some form of magical phenomenon.

[Unclaimed Lands]

Reports from many of the eastern unclaimed lands state that dark elves have been trolling the roads at night, slaying any people that even remotely look like royalty or merchants. Children have often been targeted as well when traveling in groups, but oddly they're *given* toys or coin or other things the dark elves have stolen, while the guardians are asked to give up any implements or weaponry they might have.

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