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[Across the Realms]
All throughout the Realms in places where Fae have settled among mortals, half-Fae children have been going missing. The missing children are all reported to be on the older end of childhood or early teenage years. In about half of the reported cases, the missing child has been returned home changed. It is as though the Fae parts of them have been removed and replaced with the nature of their mortal parent. All of these disappearances have been accompanied by a paper showing a curling red wave.


Some people are saying that Enlon is secretly six chickens in a human suit.


The following symbol has been being seen in people's dreams. They hear the following oath spoken in a woman's voice:

You need not to fear us
unless you're a dark heart
a vile one, who preys on the innocent
I promise, you can't hide forever in the empty darkness
for we'll hunt you down
like the animals you are
and pull you in the very bowels of hell

It is usually seen shattering the image of a Black moon on a purple sky.


For those who have Precognition, or have the ability through a Magical Artifact, *or* have Dream in their Spell Mastery: After the Dreamquake, there have been many dreams of symbols flying about. Many stars, some five pointed. Some eight. Some uneven. A sickly dragon that doesn't so much fly as phase from one fog through another. A mimic's nightmare of mobile coins...? The Misty Hill Mystics, however, are offering their help and possible answers to the symbols some are seeing. One can find a Mystic in the nearest nation's best-attended tavern or inn for travelers.

The Shrine for All Gods has been completed vandalized with much blood and what appears to be crushed mica in odd places. There was a broken hilt recovered, but very rusted and pitted.

[Ashway Ferry]
A skirmish broke out on the most recent ferry between two elves and three men who bore sapphires in their possession. The ferryman threatened to dump them all into the river and all calmed until the other shore was reached. The fight continued off the dock, the ferryman said, as he headed back for the next set of cargo and passengers.

A relic long thought to be destroyed -- The Dark Mask -- has returned to the lands of Arken and to the hands of one of its members. The Mask is said to be responsible for killing Ebony.

It’s been two months since he was last seen. A missing poster has finally gone up, tacked to the large tree near the Blackwood fight practice site.
A man in a dark hood appearing to be an assassin is shown on the picture though the image isn’t very clear. There appears to be a measly reward of five gold to anyone with information on Crowley’s whereabouts, but no other details are apparent on who to report to about this....
Thick plumes of black smoke were sighted over a forest near the Blackwood area. By the time anyone could reach it all that remained were burnt down huts. A small uncharted village was laid to waste and apparently there were no survivors. Due to the mass of black feathers and the bodily remains located at the scene, it is theorized the village belonged to a small flock of kenku that had sought out protection within the isolated and secluded section of the woods.
Large bird like footprints were spotted leaving the area but no trace of possible perpetrator or lone survivor have been located. 12 Male, 17 female and 8 fledgeling corpses were found at the scene. The most curious part of this rumor is that 8 shallow graves were found at the scene, a single feather protruding from the soil of each one.
Investigation of the graves showed three fledgelings, three young adults and two full adults. Citizens of Blackwood may hear of this rumor from various Town guards that may have been involved with the investigation.

Word is spreading that a private business in a town south of Chimeron City was burned to the ground by adventurers after the King exempted them from the curfew. This news has elicited responses from the peasantry ranging from skepticism abject horror.


Lords from villages across the Chimeronian countryside are seeking to bolster their estate guards after a minor noble was assaulted in his home by “rogue adventurers”.


A merchant belonging to the Deepbarrow Traders was turned into a pewter statue after reneging on a promised deal with a silversmith. The silversmith says that the deal had been magically bound by Lord Malikai when he invoked the aid of Vandor.


A large bandit camp in Chimeron was destroyed by a party of adventurers. The camp was suspected to house the last remnants of the Triskwater faction of the Risen Kingdom.

The pirates and other rabble there are calling out for a 'devout o' the cloth' to come and repair their little temple they have to Luna, which over the years has also started to see some mini-shrines piling up here and there to other gods and patrons of a more watery sort. They also be looking for a doctor or a healer, yarrr...

North of the city of Graf: The three men in rags have continued to be seen around the farms.
Rumors of interactions with them are of them speaking as one or finish a sentence a different member has started. All the conversations with them come back to one point. “We must make her happy again!”

The farmers are reaching out to the militia for protection as they prepare for this weekends games.

[Eagle’s Rook]
The loose medusa has still not been captured or destroyed. The lord of the land is severely irritated as more and more of the common folk or the militia are being found literally petrified in place. Squire Penn is looking for any information regarding returning the stone-to-flesh cure from Monk's Keep, or any of the like if Alchemists or Herbalists have an idea, as a simple Intervention to get rid of the medusa had not been answered, nor have any people been transformed to their original state. Squire Penn can be written to, or found in Eagle's Rook. The portal activity in the Blue Forest that was being investigated has been put on hold in light of the medusa's work.

Many fae are reporting that they are currently unable to find the Seam of Dreams or it's denizens, no matter how much effort is put into finding it. Some speculate that it is sealed while it's true nature shifts, while other believe it's nature has already shifted, and the entryway simply needs to be found.

Portals can be seen opening and closing all over Neden. Various creature can be seen trying to escape the portal as Lord Suruss and his men work tirelessly to herd them back from whence they came.

After fending off would-be invaders of the islands claimed by Rathkeale, a small group of adventurers who aided in the defense were awarded land in the mainland city of Rockwood. Upon this land, a hall was built for the newly-proclaimed Guild of the Raven (their symbol is shown here). There are some reports that the group captured and rebuilt a magical forge which had belonged to the invaders.

The area where Queen of Hearts is beginning to be prepared for literally lost a militia man for half-a-day. When found, he was in a haystack, having a snooze while leaning on his long sword. His excuse was that the sun today was odd and he just felt woozy in that spot, as though it would be a good area to nap. After admonishment, work continued normally.

Heard about your ballista. I’m impressed with your field work. My offer still stands. I think you would look good in green. Cap O agrees.
-Sgt. Ranger Nym

Evie, Bart, Kara, and whomever else…
Were you able to prove anything on the start charts? Also…. could you give them back to me? My master will be very upset if I lose them again…
With Hope,
Apprentice Arianne

(Written in silver ink on thick black paper)
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