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[Across the Realms]
Some people are saying that Gordon Lightfoot is Sir Aeston's illegitimate son.


In villages dotted here and there, the odd sleeping sickness has abruptly returned most all to their routine sleeping patterns. At the turn of May Day, many a child at their festivities talked excitedly about the 'masked man' who told a story about a star closing a door forever. Older folks who had slumbered cannot give a negative or a positive to the children's stories, but do continually comment on how a great 'weight' has been lifted off their shoulders, or on how a human-looking individual has been watching them at the edge of their dreams.
Those who read Tarot have been having the same cards show up, whether in a One-Card Spread, or a Situational read: The Fool, The Hermit, The Hierophant, Eight of Cups, The Hanged Man. The Hanged Man is always reversed.
If/when a faerie in the Realms sleeps, upon waking, there is a feeling of a mixed heat and chill upon the shoulders that eventually goes away as the morning continues. Some faeries might feel that they are being stared at more than usual. Half-fae, fae-touched, or those with "some fae" might also find themselves humming an odd, old tune that they have no words for... minstrels strum it absentmindedly... Em D Em Em D Em

Peasants have been waking from their sleep, all complaining of the same disturbing dream: a pack of black wolves which seem to have glowing scales are pouring blood into a cauldron beneath a banner. The banner is black, with a purple irregular field behind a waxing black moon. Anyone having the dream usually wakes with a feeling that what they witnessed shouldn't exist.


An elf-mail courier was sacked on its way to Chimeron for the feast, and seems to have lost some letters. Should you be able to read and come upon one that does not belong to you, please endeavor to return it your closest elf-mail courier (or if you can find the person it belongs to, the elves say, that works, too!).

[Eagle’s Rook]
The missing Coupant soldiers from the Blue Forest have still not been recovered. There is also rumor of ghostly activity here and there around the Blue Forest, Haze and the ruins of the old castle, the religious shrines, and the Keep itself.

[Gau Dring]
The Gau Dring choolate herds are noticeably more aggressive this year, they've been seen traveling East. Any adventurers traveling in the area are strongly advised to be ready to run as fast as they can should they spot one of these, as it means the herd is hunting nearby.

((OOC Editors note: I am assured that they are in fact “choolate herds” and not “chocolate herds”))


People in Gau Dring talk about lights being seen over head late night, May first. It was as if the clouds parted and something lit up the night sky. Others talk about seeing something fall to the ground. The lights were seen above the Cathedral of Harlequin, however the priests and followers there state they were not responsible for the show. Either way people of the land are cautious, they are used to things going wrong when extraordinary things happen, with or without explanation.

[Sapphire Isle]
Strange ships have arrived with foreign men from the Far East and across a phenomenon known as “The Fog”. They have made port on the western side of the island, and they claim to be from a guild known as the “S.H.G.”
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