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Across the Realms: in villages dotted here and there, adults are growing more and more concerned for elderly and the very young who have fallen asleep, and not woken back up. However, unlike the previous sleeping sicknesses that have been recorded in the Realms, the bodies when inspected by healers, seem to be in some sort of 'stasis'. They are breathing, and occasionally move as though in dream slumber, but otherwise are not showing signs of starvation or dehydration, or other needs. Healers are instructing any with knowledge of dreams and of sleepwalking to please share their findings as much as possible, as to educate the common public.

Across the Realms: Those who read Tarot have been having the same cards show up, whether in a One-Card Spread, or a Situational read: The Fool, The Hermit, The Hierophant, The Empress, and/or Two of Swords. They are never reversed.

For Faerie-kind: if/when a faerie in the Realms sleeps, upon waking, there is a feeling of dread and coldness upon the shoulders that eventually goes away as the morning continues. Some faeries might feel that they are being stared at more than usual. Half-fae, fae-touched, or those with "some fae" might also find themselves humming an odd, old tune that they have no words for... minstrels strum it absentmindedly... A E F#m D Bm C#m B A#m

Eagle's Rook: The Blue Forest has been seeing activity, but with the snow-storm earlier in the week, it almost has made it more frigid than it has ever been before Winter even started. Two Coupant militia soldiers have not returned yet from seeing if the birch and maple are downed from the storm.
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