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Across the Realms]
Since March, stars have been disappearing from the sky during new moons. When this first happened, most people chalked the “disappearance” up to mislabeled star charts because none of the stars were part of named constellations, but the theory is losing ground as more stars go missing. To date, five stars have gone missing: one in March, one in April, two in May, and one in June.

In response to a recent string of brutal murders, the Chimeron Militia has imposed a dusk-till-dawn curfew in the City. The curfew has dramatically reduced the number of murders, but it seems that as a result, more stray animals are being mutilated in the night. The investigation is ongoing.


In a small village in Chimeron, there's a hedge mage by the name of Sterling looking for volunteers to share their dreams.


Travelers in Chimeron have reported being harassed on the roads by 6' tall squirrels throwing acorns the size of a grown man's fist.


People wearing the tabards of the Risen Kingdom have been seen operating as well-disciplined bandit units. They are said to have been abandoned by their generals, but seem to have no interest in surrendering to Realms nations.

In the lands around the town of Graf, farmers have noticed three men in ragged tabard with no insignia. When they are approached by the local militia, the men run away. Further investigation from scouts in the area have yielded nothing more than vague descriptions of the “Ragged Men” (as the locals are now calling them). Further information is needed.

[Eagle’s Rook]
There are conflicting reports on terrible monsters coming down from the ruins of Ravensloft. Some towns have reported a woman with snake like hair turning people to stone. Other towns are reporting a giant made of stone, wood, and steel running through the towns and destroying anything in its path. The Eagle's Rook Militia is currently evacuating civilians from the area until the threats can be properly dealt with.

Those who witnessed the explosion in the North Last month might have also noticed portals popping in and out of Neden. Some say they see the Castle disappear for minutes hours and even days at a time.


When the “Neden Boys” were last seen, they were busy being distracted….well, rather Partying it up with Naj (as seen in Issue #17 of The Misadventures of the Neden Boys).

Now they have since been seen teleporting into various locations, often hung over and confused, mixing it up with the locals all before be zipped away again by Sir Naj.


With Neden’s annual Clean up on the way, one can only speculate as to what creatures may have lurked out of these portals or if we will even be in Neden at all. It is safe to say one Portal Mage has some explaining to do.

[New Illinar]
Borders of New Illinar: more and more ventures by various rangers, pioneers and the occasional humanoid looking for a monetary gain or two have been able to confirm no activity whatsoever since both the sealing of the portals, and the clearing left behind by the Bedlam Wars. There have been arguments, however, springing up in nearby taverns and inns closer to civilization that historically it might do well to leave it alone, and that no one knows for sure what traps and spells the Illinarians may have left behind. Other have voiced the opinions that "if it's fit to settle, it's first come first serve." Still others have vowed to talk to their liege lords and in turn, hope to get higher ups across the Realms to perhaps stake a claim or start a colony of their own.

[Southern Wastes]
Some warriors from the Southern Wastes have been seen wielding curved swords. Can you believe it? Curved! Swords!

With a fresh treaty signed, The Broken Spears have been spotted rebuilding the city of Kenkilit within the territory of Voraniss. They have began mining precious metals from the earth that was ruptured by the Shadowlands. With this ore, the Voraniss forges have been quite busy creating weapons the likes of which the Realms has never seen. Many of them will be for sale at the Blackwood Tournaments.
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