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Blood Baroness

A once threat in Stonewood now dead, may we learn from our mistakes

My name is Shane Stillwater and bellow is my recollection of the events that lead to the down fall of the entity known as the Blood Baroness. May we learn from this and grow from it as well. This Record has been made to complete the Trial of Ma in my path to become Kathrani.
~Shane Stillwater

In the lands of Stonewood there was once a great threat. She was known as the Blood Baroness, a entity form the far history of the land who gained power from the blood spilled on the land. The Blood Baroness was a creation from the war of the Gods in Stonewood and had been killed though some of her own blood was kept as a trophy and this proved to be a fatal flaw as any of her blood could call her back.

The Blood Baroness's greatest strength was that she gained strength through the one thing that all living things need, Blood. Any blood spilt would be drawn to her bring with it power. She could control a person if she could touch or get their blood. This was not limited to mortals for the gods of Stonewood who had shed blood in the last Gods war she was able to gain their blood and lock them away.

In response to this threat the Heroes and other adventuring types of the realms rallied forces and magic's to combat the Blood Baroness. While I do not have a full list I do know at very least the forces of Stonewood, Blackwood and Creathorn where massed against her before a smaller group of adventurers where able to slip in and fight her and her warriors.

Once in there we fought against many of her warriors, and even against a few of our allies when they where controlled by her. On our side where our strength of arms, our wits and to an extent our magics, for while in Stone Wood one much call on the gods of that land if you call on a higher power, and as She had those gods locked away any calls to a higher power went through her. This made most magics very risky however where there is a will there is a way. Eventually the blood of the gods was found and destroyed. This freed the Stonewood gods from the Blood Baroness' control and weakened her.

The gathered heroes then found a way in, I believe we broke down a wall, to the Blood Baroness' fortress to face her one last time. There where fights with the last defenses that she could put up and finally the Blood Baroness was cut down on her throne as she was starting to complete a ritual. Her body was destroyed and the throne which held her blood was cleansed with a blood burning magic ensuring that she would never rise again.

This victory shows that as long as there is a force willing to stand against a threat, that threat can be brought low as long as there is a will to do so.
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