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The Ascension War

By Tetch

The Ascension War is a contest between gods. It is uncertain what exactly the result is.
Some think that is merely a competition where one god gets 'stuff'. Some think that it is a competition to have a god get new avatars by elevation of Champions. Some think that it is a way for Avatars to rise to godhood (hence, the 'Ascension' part).
  • Rumor has it that Garm was elevated in such a fashion.

    One theory is that there are supposed to be 16 gods, but when, for some reason, there are more (or less) than that number, the gods have a competion to either eliminate some of their number or to replace the 'missing' god.

    The Avatars are the 'more then mortal' go between or communication vessel between mortals and gods. The Avatars MUST do what their 'patron' commands them to do, whether they want to or not. The Avatars are the god's agents. Not all Avatars like their gods. Not all Avatars willingly serve their gods. The Champion does not like serving Dionin.

    The Champions are the mortals who are the grunts in the Ascension War. The gods cannot interfere in behalf of or against any of the Champions in the Ascension War. It is the actions of the Champions that will decide who wins the Ascension War.
    The Winning Champion decides the fate of the other Champions at the end of the Ascension War.

    The actual Ascension War is (in theory) going to be run like a big 'Assassin' game, where each Champion is given a target to kill, and when they succeed, they must kill their target's target and so forth, until there is only one person left.

    Gods Possibly Involved in the Ascension War:

    The Gods of Good:

    Goddess: Aurora
    Avatars: Bast/King James
    Champion: Danial Roseblade "Quick" Status: Dead, sainted by Aurora, 'taken' from the Well of Souls by the Spirit Dancer?
    Aspect: Light/Purity/Faith/Truth

    God: Justari
    Avatars: Pierre/Red Knight
    Champion: Peregrin Status: Alive
    Aspect: Justice

    Goddess: Gaia
    Avatars: Thunder/Thor/The Grey Man/The DawnBringer
    Champion: Heron Status: Alive
    Aspect: Nature/The Earth Mother/Fertility/Life

    God: Tekohanane
    Avatar: Shadow Hawk
    Champion Unknown
    Aspect: Spirit/Freedom

    God: Arius
    Avatar: Uatar to the Great
    Champion: Thomas Althorne Status: Alive
    Aspect: Healing/War/Truth

    The Gods of Neutrality:

    God: Garm
    Avatar: Azmodeus
    Champion: Blak Status: Alive
    Aspect: Enforcer

    God: Chronos
    Avatar: Andorra
    Champion: Unknown
    Aspect: Keeper of Time

    God: Rawonam
    Avatar: Strathmore
    Champion: Shane Status: Alive
    Aspect: War

    Goddess: Mourya (Kal en Dral)
    Avatar: Kal en Dral (CheKashi Stormborne)
    Champion: Unknown
    Aspect: The Elements, Nature, Balance.
  • ** It should be noted that Stormbringer, my son, was killed in action against the kalkrebain recently. My newborn daughter, Chekashi Stormborne, is the current guardian of the Northern Wildes, and the current near-mortal avatar of the Kal en Dral. The Kal en Dral have other avatars, of a sort, called the Kal Cybalen.

    God: Antioch
    Avatars: Minerva/Sandman
    Champion: Quaran Status: Alive
    Aspect: Dreams/Reality; Leader, Creator of the World.

    The Fey Courts:
    Gods: Titania and Oberon
    Avatars: Linelle and Puck
    Champion: Lucas Harkon Status: Alive
    Aspect: unknown.

    The Gods of Evil:

    God: Rexan
    Avatar: Ilgoth
    Champion: Lars Status: Alive, Turning into an Aspis
    Aspect: Death and snakes

    God: Dionin
    Avatars: The Champion/The DreamDemon
    Current Champion: Unknown.
    Former Champion: Vladamir Status: Completely Obliterated by Dalindana and the Blessing of Garm.
    Aspect: Death/Destruction/Darkness

    God: Hate/Anarchy/The Dark One
    Avatars: Mirkey (Callinostros/Arwarne)
    Champion: (TopKnot) Chakara
    Aspect: Hate/Anarchy/Entropy

    God: Selph
    Avatars: Silenius
    Champion: Shadow
    Aspect: Thieves/Merchants/Greed/Self Reliance

    God: Thanatos/Lolth
    Avatar: Excruciore
    Champion: Unknown
    Aspect: Drow

    Other Gods:

    God: Order
    Avatar: Selucid
    Champion: Adyan Current Status: Dead in the Well of Souls.
    Aspect: Order

    God: Chaos
    Avatar: (Kugan)
    Champion: Unknown
    Aspect: Chaos/Prankster

    The Prize:

    This is the most often heard answer to what the Prize gained from the Ascension War most likely is:

    The 'stuff' the gods are playing for is power.
    The champion who wins gets a little basketball of power.
    With it, the champion can choose to do neat stuff to either help themself, thier friends, the god he fights for, etc.
    The winning champion can also decide the fate of the other champions.
    The God also gets some power, but it is uncertain what the nature of that power is.
    It may be in the Almighty Ability catagory, or power in the My Champion Beat Up Your Champion bragging rights, and the political power that goes with it.
  • Rumor Has it that Garm stepped in when another god (now forgotten) cheated and assumed the role of another God, killing his avatar and champion. Garm, seeing the injustice in this, destroyed the cheating god's family and line, and took his position.

    The Champion:

    The Champion (Avatar of Dionin)
    Son of Strathmore (Avatar of Rawonam) and Minerva (Avatar of Antioch).

    From a reliable source, I've also heard most of this myself, so left the author's words unchanged (though I corrected some spelling)...

    "The Champion, as in that b--- that works with Vladmir-

    T.C. (as I'll refer to him) is a shapeshifter, a master of Reaity Magic, and a truly Evil guy. He has taken many forms, such as Rorshack, the demon who helped trap Dionin with Morgan Mortrass (Alcar's father) in Croasatian. Rorshack then trapped Morgan in a dagger, which Alcar now carries.
    Note, that he is theoretically the Avatar of Dionin. My guess is that he did this to usurp the power of Dionin and use it to his own devious ways. As Dionin isn't dead, merely locked up real well, TC doesn't ascend, and thusly doesn't have to deal with rules in place for Gods.

    Rorshack also had a crush on Dalindana, the daughter of Aurora. She shunned him, so he killed her.

    T.C. also plagued the Aspis, but they banished him from their lands. When they banished him, he was known as Harrappa.

    I know that he has taken on the visage of both King James and Strathmore in the past. He wants nothing else but to destroy everything, leaving himself alone in the vast world of nothing."

    Dark Future, Aquired Chonology


    Ilgoth reclaims the Aspis Nation with little bloodshed. Blade is given an honorary commission and payment for service.
    During Lich Wars, Randal, Abakhan and Ilgoth vie for power. Blak helps to kill Abakhan. He is cursed for his betrayal. Randal checks to see if Abakhan is really dead, when Ilgoth blasts him through a gateway. Meerkat follows. Neither is seen again.
    Sir Shane is killed and turned into a Death Knight.
    Killian and Nighthawk attempt to defeat Sauron. Nighthawk's reckless behavior got him killed and resulted in Killian's undead state.

    Prematurely testing his Hammer hypothesis, Veros managed to blow up most of the Barony, including himself. There wasn't even enough for the Harvester of Souls to claim.

    The Aspis kill the Goblin King and take over the Southern Wastes. The expansion is stopped prior to Shadowhawk and Coventry.
    Reede is kiled by Sir Shane, prior to Peregrin's destruction of this Death Knight.

    Stuart is killed by a reality bolt in the head. His death remains a mystery.
    Kethrellen sacrifices himself to save Duncan.
    After drinking a bottle of Demon semen, Dirk Coville becomes possessed and begins rampaging through Rhiassa. Vinal manages to stop him, but at the cost of both their lives.

    Peregrin develops germ warfare to use against the Aspis, in case of an attack.

    Peregrin begins holy quest. Occassionally there are rumored sightings, but many people think he is dead.

    The Eclipse are hired for a special mission. During their journey, they become addicted to laced potions.
    Blade becomes a Necromancer

    War between Chimeron and Folkstone is imminent.

    The Eclipse returns, addicted to buzz.
    Nations go to war. Folkstone gains slight advantage. Aspis declare neutrality.

    Chimeron gains more allies. Tides turn slightly. Healing/Magic begins to fizzle in Chimeron. Death toll grows, due to lack of healing. Chimeron's advantage is lost.

    Vladimir chooses his first mark. The weakend land of Chimeron is destroyed in a Blitzkrieg action from the Corsastian caves, while the majority of defenses were set on the northern border. Kerrigan is the last to fall in this bloody battle.

    The Realms strikes an uneasy pact to fight against the Empire.
    The Aspis ally with the Realms. Chimeronians become a people without a land. Most move north. The Empire's magic dampening spreads with their conquest of land. Jarrod becomes the leader of Realms forces.
    Upon realization that only Necromany works, Rathkeale demands special compensation for helping the war effort. When the Realms refused, they swore to the Empire and were given land holdings in Chimeron.

    While under a treaty, Rebecca Silver, Wil Craven, Aethulwulf and Blak are possessed. Under their possession, they kill and steal away with the bodies of Niko and Stryker. The bodies are delivered to the Dark Empire set up in Chimeron. Blade sees them getting away but is unable to catch them.
    Blade accuses Meg (with Callin and McKrye at the sides). McKrye finally loses control. Blade is struck down. Callin swings at McKrye. Meg blocks with sword. Gerta breaks, with shards decapitating McKrye.
    Meg and Callin stop contact. Callin dissappears.

    Sir Callin returns, leading an army of Death Cultists. Jarrod's soul is sacrificed to a crystal by Callin, now called Callinotstros the Black-Hearted.
    The Eclipse, tainted by addiction, flank the Realms.
    Chakra sees Callin's conversion as a sign from the Dark One.
    Topknot is called for a meeting, accused of heresy, and then drawn and quartered. Chakra becomes a priest of Dionin and the Dark One.
    Vladimir uses Peregrin's germ warfare to exterminate the Aspis.
    Within months almost all are killed, leaving Darkvale and the Southern Wastes for the taking.
    Blak leads vicious attack against the Realms. He is personally responsible for the death of Brynn. Owen attempts to avenge her, but fails and is forced into service of the Empire.
    During a battle with the Empire, Evan was rumoured to pull off Kwartz's magic helmet. Kwartz was then hit by a Fireball, which killed him and permanently activated his undead tabard.
    Fed up with the hypocrisy of the Realms, Dark Lore (minus Blade) join the Empire and are given the Southern Wastes as compensation.
    Shadowhawk and Coventry are crushed. Thomas Althorne is assumed dead after the fall. The Borderlands is cut off from any help.
    Heron Silver destroys the possessed Rebecca Silver. After his inability to save her, Heron went on a suicide mission for the Realms and never returned.

    The rebuilt Barony of Banecroft falls quickly. Defending the Borderlands, Aelias tries to use the Ring of Primal Fire. The Borderlands is engulfed in flame, killing all. Cinnabar's fleshless face appeared to show a smile. The Empire marched more troops in and animated/regenerated many corpses (including Kestral and Lysis). The North manages to hold the line against the south.

    Ragnar sets a meeting of the Fellowship of Creathorne (as a trap). Ragnar helps to kill all but Panther, who is left permanently maimed. Creathorne falls and the Empire gains a northern holding of land.
    Rumoured to be a double agent, the Realms had Garoc scalped for running swords.

    Folkstone is the only nation that stands. The rest of the Realms has either been destroyed or assimilated. Refugees from all over are taken in. However, immigration is very strict. Ranger and Machta arrive at the border, but are suspected of collaborating with the enemy. As a result, they are captured and assimilated. The order not to permit was given by D'aoud, who is later hunted and killed by the two he damned. The border becomes weaker as attacks begin coming from all directions. Folkstone begins to loose land. Meg is captured and presumed dead. Zeek disappears searching for her.

    Vladimir has collected 988 souls in his crystal. Twelve more and he can release Dionin.
    Sir Deneb steals the crystal and travels back in time. (June 12, 2018 18:55)
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