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Author: Tetch
Date: unknown
I am afraid that I have still gotten very little information about this topic, though what little I have is below. I have included the entirety of one of my sources' letter, as it is her wish. Please feel free to ask her for more details (please, if you don't mind, may I have a copy of those letters too?).


Tetch Twichborn,

I shall heed your warnings and but send you this missive. I am but in my mid second century and though I am not returning to the Wheel yet, my memory goes at times, so any questions you may have, I will answer as fully as I can. You may add this to your chronicles I hear you are keeping, in my name, so others may come to me, if they wish to know of the old ways.
Ten generations ago, King Arcon sat upon the Crimson Throne; a vast empire that proved the barbaric nature of humankind excelled greatly against itself. His greatest rival, Therall Thunderwalker was destroyed in Arcon's late years by his general of his elite army, called the Wave. So taken was he with his general's display, she was brought to the palace to dine with him and his son, Pathos. When they met, it is said, the rivers of the Old Kingdom turned black with the dead.
Pathos was a skilled fighter, known to some as the Prince of Swords, but he was more skilled in the arts of magic. He was made a member of the Royal Guild at twelve and not because he was the king's son. Their race believed only the strong survive and if you did not have your hand on your sword first, you could bet your liver would feed the worms that day. He learned all he could from the Stone Wheel, the sum of their magic and power. It was said that he could but look at a man and he would melt like ice in the summer sun.
Rebecca Silver was as bloodthirsty as he, if not moreso. She cut her way to her position, even into a Duchess seat so she could marry Pathos. No hand was quicker than hers, no heart more black. Perhaps that is why she went mad. They say soon after they met, she began to hear voices in her head, to see pictures of a silver branch and silver crown, but their meaning, if any, are lost to me. She was crowned Princess within six months of their courtship. And soon after came a child.
It is unclear who was more mad, Pathos or Rebecca. Upon their wedding day, Rebecca fell into a swoon upon seeing the Master of the Wheel. What transpired in the great Temple other than her fall is unknown, but when Pathos left there, he was a man possessed. He spent all his spare time working with the Stone, why no one knows. Rebecca gave birth to her child and named him Phen. The very night Phen came into the world, Arcon was taken out. It was rumored Therll was survived by a son and he brought his revenge down on the old king. And that, in short is how Pathos and Queen Silver came to the throne.
As with any ascension to the Throne, the Kingdom was in chaos. All factions fought each other, strove to march on the Crimson Throne to take it for their own. Pathos and the Silver Queen laid waste to their enemies, even to some who had sworn to help them. But they needed no help. Together the Crimson throne dripped with the tabards of their kin and countrymen and the children of the Old Kingdom cried out for their dead.
Then, when no one could believe the human race could do any more evil, Pathos achieved the unthinkable. Through the stone, he found a way to use the Umbra for travel, no only to this time, but to other times, AND other places out of time. When the slithering shapes of his new army lurched out of the Fire Gates, the human race knew that it and all other life was doomed. His people fled the throne. It was said these things were fueled by the blood of an innocent child, the blood of Phen. And by the turn of events that began, they were right.
So distraught by the voices and the loss of her son, the Silver Queen wandered the Umbra to find a way to right the wrongs of her husband. Grief so pained her that for the first time in her life of killing, she could see the errors of her people. She emerged from the Umbra to fight her husband, to bring him down....with a flight of dragons!
With the Wheel is trapped the Guardian of Time, a dragon trapped in the center of the great Wheel, where time cannot touch her. The Silver Queen must have found her and she let loose her these dragons from her very breath! These dragons attacked the creatures Pathos controlled and was winning, but they could not kill Pathos. With every mortal blow upon him struck, he would come alive soon after and fight again. It was decided to trap him as the Guardian was trapped, using the Umbra to keep him from unleashing his power. The Guardian agreed. One Dragon stayed and fought Pathos in the Umbra, using his powers to deepen and complicate the Umbra. He is known as the Great One, because his sacrifice brought life to the world, salvation were it would have surely lost.
The Silver Queen never recovered from her loss, or from her betrayal. She had loved him, in her way, but more she had loved her son. It was through her son she had learned to love life, all life. She created a new religion to appease the masses, having them call upon the dragons when they were needed. In time and but a few generations they were seen as gods to the humans, only the Wind Elves keeping the truth. They were never gods, though they were treated as such. Perhaps by now they think themselves to be; so much is clouded between myth and reality. The Wheel turns and will turn again, even their deeds will some day be dust.
Such is the tale, and so is my end. I must rest on the Wind awhile. Let me know what has transpired, Tetch Twiceborn, and send those that seek the old tales to me. It is good to see the humans living in some semblance of peace and I would talk with them.

By the Wheel,

write to : Thorn

Some Answers to Previously asked questions:

I have recieved some answers to the questions I posted on Thorn's behalf about Pathos,
and am including them for everyone to gain the benifit of that knowledge.

Is Pathos Free?
  • To the best of my knowledge, Pathos is free.

    Any information about the Dragons?
  • If I recall correctly, there were 14 dragons. (I could be VERY wrong about this...) I remember that Simoon killed the Sister of Knowledge. I believe Sister of Knowledge killed the Sister of Wisdom, the Brother of Poison, and the Great Dragon.
    Further, I have been told that all but a few are dead hunted down by Pathos when he escape the umbra.
  • I know that there is a book detailing more about the Dragons, but I have not seen it, and do not know who currently possesses it or copies of it.

    Who was the first to learn of the Umbra?
  • I don't know who the first to learn of the Umbra was/is. The first I heard of the Umbra was on October 5th, 1996, when we went to the Umbra to save Sir Pyr, who had been captured by Hate in the Great Dragon's game... I have heard rumors that there was an earlier mission to the Umbra, also in the fall, during the time of the second Death Bunnies, though that could be an unfounded rumor....
  • Further, I have been told that the Umbra is like an onion. There are many layers. The deeper you go, the more horrible and dangerous the creatures that live there.
  • As hinted at by Thorn, by using the Umbra a person can time travel in a way. Pathos has learned the secret of how to do this and has used it to effect the past.
    There is supposed to be a Book of the Umbra which contains a great amount of information about the Umbra. It's location is currently unknown.

    Did we use an existing Gate or did one of us stumble upon the book the Mound Elves kept?
  • When I first entered the Umbra to go after Sir Pyr, we used a Moon Gate.

    If we used a gate, was that gate destroyed?

    The gate was destroyed once Sir Pyr was freed and his 'rescuers' were free of the Great Dragon's Game. Hate won the game, which allowed him to strive to become Incarnate the following year. There is a record somewhere of who the pieces were entrusted to, but I don't know where that is either.
  • If Pathos is free, has he brought back the Silver Queen to start his reign anew?

    According to sources, Rebecca Silver is the Silver Queen born again into this life time, though I do not believe Pathose had anything to do with her rebirth. It should probably be noted, that Rebecca is sworn (either directly or indirectly through McKrye, I get easily confused about that whole 'swearing' thing) to Chimeron - who's heraldry sometimes includes silver crown.
  • Does Pathos seek her in this life?

    Yes, as many missives have confirmed. Pathos has since found her but she remains her own person as far as anyone knows. She also hates Pathos with great passion.
  • Does Pathos have a soul to sacrifice?

    As noted by Thorn and my other sources, in the past he sacrificed his own son, Phen. Apparently Phen has been reborn as well, but his identity is being kept secret for his comfort and safety. I don't know who Phen is.
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