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The Dragon Wars


The following is a paraphrased conversation between a dragon named Ebon, and myself:

Tetch: "Ebon, what can you tell me about the dragon wars?"

E: "I know very little, but here is what I know. Several hundred years ago, a group of people, dragon masters and riders, used a group of powerful dragons to hold a people as slaves and chattle, using the small folk and peasants of the land to make themselves rich. In a token of defience, the small folks' true lords petitioned the Valdonians to intercede on their behalf.

The Valdonians, led by Shalnuk, agreed to intercede and waged a war against the Dragon Lords. During the war, several dragons were captured and turned to serve the Valdonians, and sent against the Dragon Lords and their kin... Many Dragons were killed. I was not very much involved in the War. I was too young."

The Dragon Lords, is what I believe they called themselves, though I may be in error... When I was awake last time there were more dragons, we were used as pawns in the war of the Valdonians and the Dragon Lords.
I was captured as a hatchling by the forces of the Valdonians, and Impressed and Bound into their service. I fought with the forces of the Valdonians against the Dragon Lords and my kin. I do not know if the Dragons working with the Dragon Lords were with them willingly or not, as I was on the other side, and my life as a hatchling is muddled in my brain... I can tell you that things would have probably been different for me if the Valdonians had not come to Bind and Impress me... "

I flew only a very few missions against the Dragon Lords and their cities, killing and laying waste to their property as I was bid. I never faced another Dragon in combat - they arranged for myself and my brother, called Onyx, to attack when the Lords and their mounts were elsewhere, as we were the youngest of the Valdonian 'weapons'. Against mankind, Onyx and I were more than capable... I have no doubts that I was too weak at that time to fight on of the Dragon Lords' Dragons."

I was given to Selcan by Shalnuk after the War. I do not know what became of my brother, or the other two hatchlings, Smoke and Ash... When the battle with the Moonsinger (we know her as the Nameless One) began, Selcan feared for his people, and ordered to me to sleep. My mission and instructions were to serve the people of awakened Victory for one year, to help insure their safety. Here I am...

Tetch: "Are Dragon Lords a race of their own? Are they human, dragons, or something else?"

E: I do not know for certain, as I never served them... I believe they were human, or at least they looked like a human... They seemed to have some sort of understanding with the dragons that they used, but I do not know what that was... I only fought against humans in the war, and never encountered a Dragon Lord."

Any additional information would be appreciated.

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