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The Dogs of War

by Peregrin

Early in the summer of 95, Drow and Caer Magire worked upon a ritual, a ritual to call up the Dogs of war. The dogs arose, called forth by their master, Sir Highrider, whose soul was in torment from the forces of Hell. The dogs were our greatest knights, stolen by Highrider and infused with great power, power which threatens our very existance.

Dogs of war exist upon a ladder of power. They start with only the power of First Blood, which makes them immune to damage until they have drawn blood themselves. Each time they are scalped, they gain a new power as they go up the rungs of the ladder. These powers include weapon immunity, the ability to break circles of protection, the ability to turn others into imps, the ability to hurl hellfire, and the ability to make their weapons strike with force beyond normal, such as poison, magic or armorpiercing. If they are immune to a weapon, they are immune to any weapon that may fit the description. A DOW who is immune to axes is immune to all axes, be they magical, hatchets, or halberds. This makes magic and silver weapons less useful against them, and often the best weapons to use against them are bows, daggers, and sometimes polearms. We have recently discovered that torches tend to work on them, and that Luthrien blades will ALWAYS effect them, but alas those are few and far between now...

When dogs reach the tenth rung, they become champions, and then they can only be defeated with EXACTLY matched weapons. If the Dog is fighting with a magic axe in one hand and a silver hammer in the other, you also need a magic axe and a silver hammer to defeat them. Lorien was the first champion, and is an unusual sort who wishes to perish, who wants his demonic masters to loose. Blade, Shane, and Quick have also become champions, but Shane and Quick were defeated, once.

To cure a Dog of War, they must be killed, scalped and then placed in a circle of protection before they regenerate and arise again. Then two healers must simutaniously cast raise dead upon them through the circle, with three of their own scalps placed upon their chest. Note that this requires that we advance the DOW along their ladder of power, just don't advance them too far. Dogs of War who have been cured can be called back. We thought that returning Highrider to the Summer Lands would fix them, and it did for a while, but they have now returned and we know not what for.

Peregrin, hunter of Dogs
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