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The Drow Of Nieffelhiem

by Tetch

Luthrian Blades:

There are reported to be either 7 or 5 Luthrian Blades.
Most were short swords.
They each had names, but most have been forgotten.

The only names anyone remembers are:
  • These are the names of the elves that powered the blades, not necessarily the name of the blade itself.

    The first of the blades was destoryed at the tournaments at Duckwater.

    Some more were destroyed at the Tournament of Fools a few months later. The Blades were destroyed by the Demon of the sixth plane of Hell known as 'Brand'. Brand was destroyed by TopKnot at QoH 2 (I think).

    If there were only 5, then I believe there to only be 2 left.

    If there were 7, then there are only 4 left, but 2 are completely 'lost' to me. I think I know where the 2 'whole' blades are, but think it would be unwise to state their locations, lest the Drow of Nieffelhiem take an interest in my writings.
    (It is possible that the confusion of whether or not there are 5 or 7 stems from mixing up the Luthrian Blades with the Wayland Blades. There were 7 wayland blades.)

    The hand and a half blade, known as Luthrian, was destoyed, and then re-made by some other means... It ceased being a 'Luthrian' blade and became a magic sword instead.
    Lorian, I think, was killed and scalped by Drow in the Nexxus, I believe 3 years ago.

    There is rumored to be an 'eighth' or 'sixth' Luthrian Blade, which will hopefully be recovered at the QoH this year before our journey to Nieffelhiem.
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