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The Cadre

Author: Peregrin
Date: unknown

At tourneys of Creathorne, a group arose, called the Cadre, who offended many people of the Realms. They were none to different from us in my point of view, but they handled their problems with retribution rather than discussion, and I knew from the start that retribution was the only thing they truly understood.

They had offended a good many people that first day, and my friend Baron Diamond was amongst them. I saw no need to go to battle with them, as I even respected a few, such as the one they called Sol, as warriors if not as gentlemen. They had promised however, that Baron Diamond and his people would not be scalped, so I stood aside and watched the battle objectively. Rob Scarlet was amongst them, and sought to start the battle behind the lines of their opposition, but such complete dishonor was even below the Cadre, and they refused him. It was not below their opponents. Mercenaries were hired to start on the side of the Cadre and to betray them. The purity of battle was destroyed, and the honor of those who fought was tainted by the actions of their comrades, and the Cadre fell.

Understandably the Cadre was upset. Understandably, they took action, but their action was poorly chosen. The next night members of the Cadre were magically removed from the realms of the living, and in revenge, the Cadre killed and buried Baron Diamond, and killed Milo, Sheriff of Creathorne. They were perhaps the ones who had been origionally wronged, but they had crossed a line.

When the Baron was restored to the living, we took arms up against the Cadre for their wrongs. Our actions were justified further by their response,as innocents were killed and the fate of the Realms was threatened. A drow amongst them threatened to break the Cursed Staff of Antioch and release the Dark Energies from within it. That drow is no more, his name is not spoken, and if any restore him I will personally destroy them. The Cadre was felled in battle this second time, honorably, justly, and they died well. A traitor was amongst them named Shadow. He tried to hide from his fate, but the brave warrior Asland cut him down, and he died like the craven dog that he is. The traitor named Rowan lives only under Topknot's protection. If Rowan does wrong again, I will destroy him myself.

The Cadre got what they deserved, and if we suffered them to live, they would have done more harm. But it seems they have brought out the worst in some of us.

May we learn from our enemies.
Peregrin, Keeper of Justice.

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