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Dragon Assassination Clan

Countless years ago an evil Teng Hua noble gathered to the most ruthless, dishonorable and vile warriors to his side. These Ronin ninja and samurai flocked to his banner. From their ranks rose the Four Brothers. These powerful samurai through magic, blade and treachery betrayed their Lord. They turned to banditry, piracy and assassination to strike fear into the people of Teng Hua. The Dragon Assassination Clan struck fear into peasant and Lord alike.

For years they were little more than a bedtime legend. Tales of the horrors they inflected were used by old crones to frighten children, and drunks to frighten everyone else. After a great battle the Four Brothers were slain. Their bodies were carried off and hidden, the items of power they possessed scattered, the truth of their deeds forgotten.

In the year 05 the people of Teng Hua began whispering of their return. Those whispers quickly turned into the sounds of battle. The Dragon Assassination Clan has been reborn, as it were. New samurai have risen and taken on the legacy of the Four Brothers.

They seek the power of the original clan and control of the island nation of Teng Hua.

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