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Red Autumn

Red Autumn is the name both for the Curse, and the now-renamed place that was once Helios. (And before that, Jurati.)

The seasonal reference is based on the cycle of Life on many worlds; Spring to Summer to Autumn to Winter. The symbolism is of Creation, Maturity, Old Age, and Death.

The Curse itself was meant to bring about the ‘Last Age of the Universe’, to use Red Autumn to transform a world into Black Winter. In Red Autumn, all life is destroyed, the red symbolizing the blood of all creatures from that world. Black Winter is an ashen landscape, where the burned sky falls ‘as ash, like black snow.’

The Strangers have been trying on countless worlds, countless times, to bring about Black Winter. All of their promises and destruction has been for this one purpose. To build, what some surmise, is a new home for them.
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