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A cold wind blows across the world.

There are reports of weapons being stolen from armory stations, only to be found lodged in the poor and downtrodden of the communities. Merchants are afraid to move from towns at night, claiming shadows, yea the very night itself is swallowing companions whole.

Newly buried dead have been found un-dug and sitting up in their graves, staring, their faces struck in horror. Families have claimed to see themselves walking at night, murdering each other.

One town south of the Free Kingdoms was overrun with Vampires, claiming to desire souls and blood for a new True Name. Children cannot sleep. Some talk of a man with half a face making them cry. Others simply wake pale and will only talk of the thirteen. Hordes of goblins are leaving their tribes to join the "new Leader", heading north west of Chimeron.

Tarngire: A Silver Waystone, approximately 10 feet in height has appeared in Tarngire. It glows like a beacon when the moon shines down upon it, showing it's 8-sided shape and its prominent, glowing sliver runes.

A strange disease has begun to creep over the lands, infecting the young and old. It looks like a green fungus on the skin. The normal spells seem to work on it for a while but it seems to return after a few days.

West past Ivory: In the mountains to the west can be seen a blood red glow. for those that dare come close, in the place known as Blood falls, no living thing can come
close to it now, or it is struck down and, it is told, the very earth consumes the bodies.

Reports from all over of momentary negations of both regional and total
failure of all magics are occurring. They only last a few minutes, but
during the time, a low dry scream can be hear, like metal on metal.

Tuath Fasach: A man was found crushed almost to a pulp save his head on the road to Tuath Fasach. And yet he remained alive long enough to tell the passers by this:

"The Hidden Order, once destroyed, has risen again. for this, the Winds
will rise and break the World. The time to wait is over, the clock strikes
thirteen. Let them see times three, times three. There will be no rest,
not night and not day. For the weak, for the strong, for the rich, for the
poor, for the magic full or the sword adept. The Mother and Child shall
Break the world. The time of warnings are over."

A cold wind blows across the world.
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