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Southern Paradise: Last week, with Sir Vawn leading the way, the combined
militia men from Eagles Rook and the singing, dancing group led by 'a lady'
from Chimeron have instilled martial law. Temporary captains had been set up
and the majority of Paradise was quiet under their leadership until a
white-winged man landed on the roof of the Keep on Sunday. In response, Magus
Bright Oakfellow was also seen riding into the city...

Caer Condra: Although repeated attacks have been made to clear out the zombies,
death and decay still rise up from the sinkholes. The zombies fight, but some
have taken to dragging the stones of Caer Condra back underground, along with
the scorched grass and broken branches.

South of Northern Paradise: Random undead activity in the northwest, a problem
since late February, seems to be calming down. However, the road between the
Borderlands and Creathorne, via Talon Hill, has been unpassable for weeks.

Ivory: Markets have been closed indefiniately as the war sets to begin, with two
merchants having been arrested for selling fake "demon protection" trinkets.
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