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Paradise: A couple of nights ago, multi-colored lights and explosions in the sky
were seen over the Six Towers. A few citizens were seen running northwest
towards the borders of Paradise in abject fear.

Chimeron: Lady Tarnisha has fashioned a work day in cleaning up a ransacked
Library. Any able body that would help to restore it in one day in return for
food is welcome, as she has duties to attend in the smithy. The Librarian
sends his thanks ahead of time.

Nymphus Yarrow: It has been reported that a ghost walks the road from Nymphus
Yarrow to Qua Terreth Nunna, then back for the past couple of weeks. While
difficult to detect in daylight, at night one can see it quite plainly.
Travelers on the road say it leaves a sweet smelling fog in its wake. A few
people have approached it, claiming that it looks like a priest, and that rain
makes it dissipate completely.

South of Tarngire, Borderlands: Outside the Ruins of Silmataurae, a white
woman has been seen walking around the debris, weeping for a lost seed. From
afar, a scout reports what looks like UnDead shuffling about the Ruins as well.
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