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Realms Wide:

Many traveling Faires have been disappointed. Handfuls of small farming
communities they usually travel to at this time of year seem to have gone
under since last year, more than the usual. What is strange is that even
the houses and fences of the land are gone, as if the took every scrap of
lumber with them.

On a lighter note, Harvest Faires Realms wide have been enjoying the close
of the year, with full ale houses, entertainers music and laughter.

Tuath Fasach:
Last night a wagon with a Human Female, and a Male Dwarf pulled into the City of
Victory. The Citizens seemed apprehensive, but the wagon pulled up to Martyr's
Hold seeming like it and its occupants were summoned there. No one knows where
this couple came from but this is the First Full Blooded Dwarf the people have
seen in quite sometime.
Joan is seeing Bob, but nobody knows if that will work out, and did you see what she had on, my goddess, doesn't she know not to where white after first harvest?

Did you hear what is going on in Mirkshaw? I can't believe nobody is doing anything about it.

When did Lisa start seeing Chris, does Marcy know?

And those pesky goblins massing again somewhere it seams like everyday the heroes gather to go off and fight them here, or there, or somewhere else. Never around when the real work is to be done.
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