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Bloodshed forest

People are seen flocking to Bloodshed forest to see the strange tree that is now towering at least 20 feet over the other trees in the forest. The tree seemed to grow over night, and double in size until it reached it's final hight. New plant growth is spreading from the tree and is suggested that it will cover the entire forest before long.
  • *The following rumor applies to all nations which allow for rumors**

    From: All major cities, and all towns located close to major temples.

    Tonight as customers filtered out of taverns and inn common rooms, they report finding a small girl standing outside the main doorway.
    Descriptions of the girl vary from location to location, and even from witness to witness.
    However, all witnesses in all locations report hearing the young girl sing the same haunting song.

    In the morning, as those witnesses go about their business, many of them seem unable to shake the mysterious girls melody from their lips:

    To One who sings the wind's song,
    To One who is in all directions gone,
    To One who will in fairness judge,
    To One who holds an angry grudge,
    To One who hides in the lanterns light,
    To One who is empty as the night.
    To One who holds dirt and trees up,
    To One who is but that one's pup,
    To One who on dark magic feeds,
    To One who burrows 'neath the weeds,
    To One who reigns over the hells,
    To One who created this world's elves,
    To One who spins webs in the dark,
    To One who wanes across its arc,
    To One who is the west's great light,
    To One who guides the tossed coin right,
    To One who is not one but five,
    To One who fears the swords which rive.

    Don't Mind your manners.
    Go and Rock the boat.
    Then be the first in dark Waters moat.

    Spirit, Flesh, Mind and Lies.
    All will fall to the Lord of Flies.
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