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From Ivory:With the recent cold streak, fur traders are doing well. Leather quality is rumored to be lower in the upcoming year.

From Kerah-Rime and parts thereof: Rumors abound of straggling undead wandering the large area between Kerrigor's Keep and Kerah-Rime, suggesting a large number of aimless zombies may be spreading from a point between the two.

A couple of banshees were haunting Molly's Wayside Tavern for two days,
according to the servants there. Both could walk through walls, phase in and
out of sight, and when they spoke a lot of birds and squirrels died in their
presence. The male ghost has since disappeared and the female banshee has been

Servants also report that a mage has fallen ill into some sort of coma in their
common room. A man with a snake dragged the mage and a little boy to a quieter
area within the tavern, but they too have fallen asleep, much like the mage and
have yet to be awoken.

Three vampires were discovered and with heavy hearts (for one) were destroyed
and buried at a cross-roads... until they were re-dug up. A healer of
Creathorne then did her best to return BrightHammer of Tuath Fusach back to his
normal state.

L'Havre Foret: A dwarf has scouted throughout the insides and out, finding the forest to be oddly deserted.

Outside the ruins of Silmataurae: What appeared to be gray beings of humanoid design have been utterly annihilated. A ghost has been seen haunting the ruins, alongside a statue of a crumbling woman.

On the road from Wendmor Ruins to Eagle's Rook: A ghostly priest has been haunting the road by night, asking if any traveler if one wishes to be blessed for the road ahead.

In Paradise: The Towers have lost their glow on Friday evening. Market sales have risen with a very busy and full Sunday of merchants and dancers and traders all flocking
to the city. The Lord and Majordomo were not found, but a boy who refers to himself as 'Gregory' has been running the city instead. A festival is planned for the end of the week, and the peasants look forward to it.
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