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Paradise: A month long celebration has completely deteriorated into looting
and rioting. With the apparent Hierophant and the Majordomo both missing and
no one person to claim leadership, the city has gone into total disarray.
Wyverns have been grouped together into one stable and guarded; all mail has
for the most part stopped. The towers that once glowed so brightly are no
longer lit.

Chimeron: A woman was brought to the local healers in an apparent coma.
BrightHammer IceBreaker and Jeyde Thunderwalker were both seen in this woman's
company before the couple split their own ways. The woman has since fallen
asleep and has not been awoken.

Nymphus Yarrow: The ghost that used to walk the road from Nymphus Yarrow to
Qua Terreth Nunna has become a regular. Travelers have tried to actually
strike up conversation but have been unsuccessful. One man claims that it is
in fact a dead priest with an ornate buckled collar around his neck.

South of Tarngire, Borderlands: Outside the Ruins of Silmataurae, a white
woman has been seen walking around the debris, weeping for a lost seed. From
afar, a scout reports what looks like UnDead shuffling about the Ruins as

Caer Condra: The once beautiful keep has been razed to the ground, with large
patches of the land apparently turned into sinkholes. Hordes of UnDead and
other twisted creatures are gathering to this burnt battlefield. Stranger
still, however is that the surrounding forest remains untouched.

L'Havre Foret: After the Spring Solstice, there is activity in the forest yet
again. A few scouts were sent in heavily armed on the first of the month and
have yet to return.
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