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Tarngire: Deep in the night an untold score of skeletons attacked the outer lying towns of Willowview, Deermeadow, Nia'giliath and a few other communities, sending the surviving inhabitants fleeing into the forests for their lives. It is said the dead are being raised as troops for the army. As of this morning, there are places smoldering in the forest but no major fires, due to the shamanistic work and preparedness for a Drow invasion. At this time the country is considered overrun from all major points with the enemy closing in on the capital. Magical aparation into the area has proved ineffective and other forms of travel is considered inadvisable.

Caer Condra: There was a large explosion as the castle at Caer Condra has fallen. The city is said to be overrun with Zombies and other kinds of un-dead the villagers there could not describe. Many of the local inhabitants have made the safety of the magically protected wood. A large Black Portal was seen in the center of the City at dawn but dissipated by mid-day yesterday. There has been seen a Woman is glowing white armor with a pike wading battling the enemy with great speed and ability, along side Zula, the city's Lord and protector. There is also a Wild, red- haired Woman who is said to have been causing great agony even to the point of death with the mere sound of her voice, wandering amongst the city and battling with the woman in white.
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