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Missive on Wayland weapons

September 17th 1991


You should be the first to know, before the general announcement to the rest of the Blackstar Guild. The rumors are true!!! The oft quoted, multiply misunderstood, but many times quested for Wayland weapons DO exist. I have seen one of them with my own eyes, Orias. The blades gleam green with the Fey power. I think that this is the time to act, Guildmaster, now is the time to step forth and claim the leadership of the guild, for our purpose is finally at hand. Even if the weapons do only a tenth of what the legends claim that they do then we have at our hands the greatest power that we have ever tried to master. It only awaits for us to actually master it when the fury if finally released, that and finding the mechanism that will allow that to happen. I am sure that with your intelligence, wisdom and iron will you will figure out a way.

Currently, through a twist of fate that I find truly ironic, the current Fairy King, Oberon is the possessor of Orias. I know not how he wields it without singeing the skin off his palm, but I will look into that too if it pleases you. In fact the only reason why I do not come to you with the weapon in hand is because King Oberon has it, his power more than outstrips my own, and if I may be blunt Guildmaster, it frightens me. If it pleases you, I will be with you shortly so that I may give you a full report, but this should be enough information to please the Pentarch of Combat Magics until I arrive back at the Caverns. I feel that although Oberon is out of our reach for the moment, it is currently safe where it is, and can stay there, after all, who has the power to actually steal a blade from the very grip of the King of Fey? At lease we know where it is an can launch an investigation of our own to track down the location of the others.

Finally, I am sure that you would have thought of this yourself, Pentarch, but I humbly suggest that you set the apprentices to finally seriously reseacrhing the legends of the Swords of Wayland to glean from the fragments that we have the truth of their creation and their power. I do not believe so, but perhaps their power does not fall under your area of the Blackstar guild, and to prevent the others from taking this away from you, some research may be conducted to verify their placement in your area of expertise.

Your ever humble servant,
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