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Activities of a Circle Member

All of the information below is from visions I have seen of Ragnar Blackmane, member of the Circle sect of the Black Star Guild.

As of 4/18 year 1012

Ragnar is looking for something. I see him scrying, looking through books, and binding demons. He is looking for some kind of focus. He is aware that someone is watching him though, because sometimes he looks directly at my field of vision and then smirks. Sometimes I canít see much - itís like Iím looking into a smoky room.

He moves around a lot, staying at a place from 1 day up to 2 weeks. When he travels in the realms he seems to be in western chimeron, blackwood, and unclaimed lands in that area. More than once Iíve seen him travel in what I think is Fae. Something is weird though, everything is washed out.

Sometimes, either by his actions or those with him, a gateway opens. He steps through to an island in a sea of black. The island has an impressive looking fortress (made out of black stone) with five towers. White, red, blue, purple, and green in that order. The purple one is the largest and the blue one looks like the (roughly) top 3rd has been sheared off with a hot knife. This seems to be a training hall, library, and meeting area. In this place he walks into a room with a light in the middle. When he steps into the light four other robed people appear with cowls over their faces.

Other things of note Iíve seen him do:

--Fighting the Infinite Dark about a dozen times
--Running from a pack of 5 limbed grey beasts.
--Slitting the throat of a 6 year old boy (blonde hair, blue eyes) and painting runes on his face with the boyís blood.
--Have a heated discussion with a square full of people
--Spit in the face of a woman with black hair and blue eyes

Also the man is vain about his hair. Every. Day. He washes and oils it.

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