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Notes from a BSG meeting

This is the information that was collected from the Black Star Guild meeting. Said meeting took place on September 25th, 1010. These notes were written down for me by Demetria Highwater, while the information was added to, and double checked by Lord Myrddin and Riduku AlKelvar. I also believe Nazir of the Tinkers was there, however I could not find a chance to get him to view over the information and make sure it was correct. Please note that these were collected first hand by the four mentioned above, and written as follows in my journal. -- Lady Elder Phoenix Rose Dawncry-Nosetti, Oct. 3, 1010

Ged and Valas
- Convert or replace as Mage.
-- Would like to take Ged to Ivory and "talk" to his parents.

Fletcher's Country
- Old BSG base.
- Moving back to this base.
- Reachable by a well, marked on a map Tria has. (Well of Mystery, I myself have a copy of this map. -Phee)

- "Enemy of my enemy"
-- Let it consume Fae, do not engage.

Hammer sect
- Traitors to the BSG
-- Convert them all to another sect, or kill them.
-- Wintas Yarrow, Hammer Sect leader, was executed on stage during the meeting.

Five Sects of BSG
- Shield
-- Blue, Handmaiden
--- Abjury and fighting

- Torch
-- Red, Druid
--- Fiery

- Forest
-- White, Dreamer

- Circle
-- Purple, Mage
--- Summoners, leaders

- Hammer
-- Green, Inventor
--- Traitors (Allies?)

- Find and follow him to the Library in Fae to protect knowledge by burning it.

- Aeval, Xanas trapped.
- Lucas is 'dead enough'.
- Tara among humans
-- Because they can't find Tara, they're sacking a large amount of magic items to break a seal instead of her.
- Iris Rose, Korred not search-able yet.
- Corrigan is a problem to them.
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