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Black Star Mages Guild

The Black Star Mages Guild are humans who have learned to use the same magic as Rosetta, Mage of the Five Counselors. The current incarnation of the Guild is using knowledge passed down and rediscovered through countless mortal generations, since the Purging.

The Black Star Mages wield the same types of spells which are accessible to the Realms in general, as well as the Old Magic of Faerie. They most commonly are specialized in summoning, using more ordinary magic to help contain the creatures. This also makes them quite effective against spellcasters. Their powers with the Old Magic also include creating Greater Circles of Protection which no-one but they can pass through, and teleporting captives back to their bases.

Black Star Mages hate Faerie and wish to eradicate it. They have been known to have bases in both the mortal plane and "deep in Faerie," where they claim few others are willing or able to reach.
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