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Packet of Letters

Author: (currently unknown)
Place/Gathering Discovered: Feast of Chimeron 16
Date: May 1008
Transcribed by: Iawen Andromeda Penn
WRB - We accept your offer and look forward to working with you soon. We understand the anger at both Chimeron and the Fae for what they've put you through. Look to meet us a few nights before the feast. Bring like-minded militia, if you can. Keep it a secret from the Captain of the Militia, and from they who might run Thieves' guilds and the like. - LRB

I think that the guys might have a point, what with the Rites of War (that's what the adventurers keep calling it) being just under a year finished. There isn't much pay if any in the militia, and although I know the homestead we're given to tend is on the list (until the land can recover fully from the faerie attacls)... I don't know. I feel like the gentlemen I've been speaking with are right.

There's a meeting that is going to take place during the Feast, while all the nobility and such are distracted by the food. On top of the hill, where Chimeron Proper ends and one can reach the North Gate, are the much longer fields outside the walls. Further from that, hidden by its own hills, is a farm house where we've been asked to meet, and discuss what can be done to help Chimeron re-build, and also how the common person can keep their own safe.

If you decide to stay with the in-laws instead, I understand. I'll see you, then, when I get home.
Love, Darrin

ADVERTISEMENT: Want a place to call your own but not sure about joining a nation? Talk to Captain Kovaks of the Chimeron Militia! Good pay, good land! Inquire within the shops at Feast of Chimeron.
Sa-Lin - I know you've been more than focused on the Red Mage as of late, but there is a child showing up that shows great interest to us. When I write 'child', I mean the young man is not yet twenty-one. The name given when we have watched him is that of one 'Ged'. I will be cross-referencing in the city of Ivory and see if it is the same 'Ged' whose family we have been having trouble with as of late (not to mention Aurora doesn't take kindly to our sort of magic). In the mean time, while tracking down the Red Mage and ending him, see if you cannot acquire more information than what we have on this 'Ged'. - Lord Roger Byecross, for the Circle and the Guild
Master Ragnar Blackmane - They're getting closer. Watch and observe, and then approach those who carry the swords after a few moons, if possible. They will be the key to Fae's undoing from Chimeron, and then finally the kingdom of the rowan leaf can be left alone, like most of the Realms, without faerie influence. - Lord Roger Byecross
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