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Cleaver Letter

Type of Missve: Private
Date: April 26th, 1009
Responses: None.
April 26th, 1009 M.R.

Unto Acolyte Cleaver of the Shield,

As always, I do hope this letter finds you safe and alone. If not,
do not continue until you are in such a state to receive this imperative
without interruption or intrusion.

If you are in a secure location, then please read on. I am aware
that you may still have hesitations about the task before you and I will
assure that yes, you are being honored with the weight of the request
I am about to place upon you. As such, I must impress upon you
again the importance of secrecy and subtlety in the upcoming days.

The preparations have been completed as of today and we
are ready to proceed with the summoning. I presume that you are
on guard and prepared to meet whenever it is requested, as per our
agreement. As such, your orders are as follows. Your presence shall
be required one week hence at the appointed place and time that
you were informed of in our earlier correspondences. Wards shall
be in place as expected, and you are to have yourself prepared to
bypass them in the manner you were instructed. Creatures will be
placed in the surrounding area as soon as possible, so promptness
is mandatory. If you do not follow these instructions precisely, I will
not be at fault if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. The
summoning will occur as planned with or without you.

Let me remind you again about the risk we are taking in this
endeavor. We will be positioned somewhat near to the White Leaves,
which may prove to be a deterrent for lesser men. However, I have
no doubt that you are not one of these lesser men and will be willing
to brave the area. Surely you agree that the power of this land,
combined with the position of the stars and the perfect timing are well
worth the risk, considering the sheer amount of overwhelming magic
that it will allow us to utilize. Remember as an added incentive that
this magic will soon be ours, along with the rewards that the Grand
Master Wizard shall undoubtedly bestow upon all who aid his

I am also aware that you may be concerned by the possible
obstacles that may be presented to us by certain others. To dispel
your worry, let me assure you that I have called upon certain allies to
fend off any possibility of attack or disruption. With this in mind, I do
implore you to steel yourself and keep yourself focused on our goals
and the task at hand. And do not forget the accolades and power that
await you when we succeed. And we will succeed, of this there is no

One last topic that it is imperative we discuss immediately
is that of your personal mission. As stated above, I have already
arranged for the creatures to be placed in the field as you suggested.
The distraction absolutely must not lose the attention of any of those
self-proclaimed “heroes” and it is up to you to make sure things
happen according to plan. Exactly according to plan. Of course,
I am sure you will have no qualms with the ceremony, as I have
already been informed of the quick work you made of those infuriating
Hammers who attempted to inform the king of our plans. I hope you
have perfected the flaws in your earlier plans and trust that they will
no longer present a problem. I presume also that your Headmaster
has not grown wise to the plan, as it would be quite poor for him
to learn that his student is plotting his demise. It is up to you to
ensure that he remains unaware and accompanies you to the site
as planned. Again, this is tantamount to allowing the summoning to
going off without a hitch, and your role is one of the most vital. Do not
take it lightly.

Remember also, Acolyte, that by accomplishing this task,
you will rise to the higher ranks of the Guild, priming you to assume
the position of the Pentarchs of Summoning. Do not take such a
statement lightly, either, as I am sure you are more than aware
of the great and illustrious honors this shall bestow upon you, not
to mention the knowledge and power that a man of your loyalty
and dedication clearly deserves. All who aid in our ceremony shall
be vastly rewarded, and you shall stand out as one of the critical
members who made this possible.

Acolyte Cleaver, the best of luck to you. Do not stray from your
duties and do not allow yourself to become weak or distracted. What
we are about to accomplish is monumental, and we will go down in
history as the greatest Mages who ever lived.

Sincerely yours,
Lord Roger Byecross, High Master of the Circle
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