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Letter to Jessika

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown
Date: unknown, 1010
Transcribed by: Faelinn Shadowmoon

The High Master of the Hammer fails to grasp the Runes and what they are truly for. As our last assassin within the Shield failed so miserably the task now falls to you to weed out the unworthy.

Here is a list of names for your remaining targets, You'll note that these need to be accomplished before May Day.

To answer you previous question: No, we will not be meeting so close to the city of Chimeron. For although the Mysts were able to keep them out the last time, they were able to circumvent it somehow, and we cannot afford that with the Banishment almost complete. We need to find out still WHO enforced the tighter locks, for we have yet to find this spellcaster with a copper-plated jawbone at his side.

The Harkon Hunt, to answer your second questions, is all but done for now. We have sufficiently grabbed enough magical energy to store two points. From there, we have locked away Xanas and Aesal. Carrigan has proved to be quite troublesome on her own, and Tara hides among the humans (making our job all the harder for she plays the 'sweet and naive child' card0. Do not follow after Lucas; your sister Elizabeth came back to us in pieces. We *need* Iris Rose and Korred, but the stars are not aligned in such a way to make their paths open to us; these will have to wait until after the Feast of Chimeron, when the Banishment has been lifted. The suctioning of magical energy from artifacts and weapons is still highly encouraged. Remember, leave the shells behind or else they will come after you.

And we wouldn't want that, would ________.

Enclosed is a map to a magical well in the elf lands here. There is actually a very small library underneath the waters, if you can ________________ our number watched a name called Elwick Dragonsburrow and his ______________________ from this well many times. The last time, however, he was reckless,______________________________ of the place, including one called Slaader.

This Slaader blazed a trail that left everything wide open and abandoned, not to mention engaging in mating activities with one of its residents before leaving. There are signs of life there now...and ___ Grand High Master wishes it were not so.

We trust in your judgement ________.

Dictated by the Grand High Master ___________,
Scribed by Apprentice Adam Shuttl_____
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