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Sa-Lin's Diary

Author: Sa-Lin Bluespire
Place/Gathering Discovered: In a burned out house, just outside Chimeron City
Date: 5/11/08
Transcribed by: Magus Zeek McKrye
Page 1: {Contained explosive runes that detonated when read (page destroyed)}

Page 2: {misc. symbols top of page}

April 21st 998 M.R.

Today I finally got a master to _recognize_ my skills as a summoner. I only hope that with this new training I can bring respect back to the line of Bluespire.

My Master already told me of my father's many errors, and I have vowed not to repeat them. Also, I learned my first personal symbol rune for summoning: Uly'oth --> {symbol appears on back of page}

Page 3:

Uly'oth is the name given to my personal symbol: It came to me in a vision on a new moon. To me, it means power, and all things summoned (great and small) should begin with _power_for_me_.

September 2nd, 998 M.R.

My master congratulated me on my first successful completion of a three-point circle: however, I am still not allowed to summon even an imp or a watchdog. Seeing my eagerness and thinking it over - confidence, he reminded me exactly why father and his sect died: Yes, even I knew it was stupid to summon the furious Bandersnatch just for its claws. The then heroes of the Realms were able to put the creature down, but not before it broke out of its circle to slaughter all gathered there. Prospero, (I think) was the one who sent word. I wish my master would understand that I'm not my father... {three symbols at bottom of page}

Page 4:

September 28th, 998 M.R.

Uly'oth Pargon Frik'amor
Pargon Sess'na Uly'oth.

{Diagram of an altar cloth: A pentagram in a circle oriented to point north. Star points have symbols at them, the elemental ones being a water drop, mountains, a twister, and flame. Star point and in-between spaces are labeled clockwise from noon: Santak, salt of sea, water, Aretak, earth, Pargon, air, Nekleth, fire. There is a black star in the center of the cloth.}

May 13th 998 M.R.

Finally researched the Cup of Mists, and all that it was able to accomplish. A quite successful artifact, albeit the cost was quite too high. I have heard from my master that Chalices once played a large part in the pomp & circumstances
{penned in different ink:}(got a better ink) of the fae nobility and mortals alike. This particular one was created in mind to not kill elves physically, but to destroy their minds.

Something is coming.

Page 5:

May 19th, 999 M.R.

Undertaking large project, not sure when I'll have time for this again.

{three symbols in a row: A three-point circle, a five-point circle, a seven-point circle. All points of each circle are connected.}

Uly'oath? Uly'oath...
So time of

April 23rd 920...(or so I'm told)

I hate faerie. I hate everything. It works but badly and barely. I shan't not try to harbor that again. Stupid beast.

Uly'oth Xel'lo'tath
Mantarok Chatturghum?

A name..er vision? What does it mean??! {in bold runic angularity:} BO

Page 6:

July 8th 920 M.R.

Failed miserably. Returning... if I can ever return again.

{three symbols: 1st and 2nd separated by a ?, 2nd symbol is x'd out}

July 9th, 1007

Thanks to the powers I've been shaping, I can get a better grip on the Mysts, the Cycle, and (I think!) I understand the summoning now. After all the master has done. I've held no bonded demon to me still. This will change. Also, my master says that the Court of Mortals have a Duke of Magic, but the faeries no longer do. This helps our cause greatly.

Learned a new one after so long: Bankorok {symbol}

So Uly'oth Bankorok Nekleth is an interesting mix, but my master is moving me up now. Something is coming from the Eastern seas. They're to going to make a grab for it... we should first. Hired Pirates for Ardan.

Page 7:

May 1st, 1008 M.R.

A lot has happened and I don't have much time. Here are the points:
  • can summon a 3pt.
  • ritual a 5pt.
  • found our competition is both fae & not. Interesting.
  • Our things are in use, but some without permission. Must recover those a.s.a.p.
  • Sent goblins to finish off tree per Master's request (odd).
  • Risk time loss to tail Champion of Faerie Queen.

    Uly'oth Mantarok Pargon
    Frik'amor Pargon Xel'lo'tath

    May 2nd, 1008 M.R.

    Pirates are LAME.
    Broke word, summoned
    Dragon on a bet.

    Ardan & forneus safe. Whole camp torched. Freesia, Gideon and a coward get away somehow. Master unhappy.

    Will focus on competition.

    ...shit, Marthaul crazy megalomaniac necromancer. Claims to be one of us. Must attack his minions with light. He's never been allowed to be BSG, nor will he be.

    Page 8:

    May 11th 1008.

    Prepared. Attempting 7pt summoning. Don't have enough magic, but I do have an adventurer. Best to do this fast before his friends show up.

    Bankorok, Uly'oth,
    shit, how did it go?!
    That fucking tree is messing with the magics! I have to down that mage. Now.

    {back of page has two symbols, both x'd out}

    Page 9: {Contained explosive runes that detonated when read (page destroyed)}

    Page 10: {Mostly ripped out, and blank}

    All remaining pages are blank.
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