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Masks' Seeing Skerry

What an awful way to learn the Truth! - Counselor Nimbus Bouquet Borealis

When the Purging was approaching, powerful Fae could sense a darkness that would fall but did not know its specifics. Many sought methods to learn that which was hidden. For Masks, this took the form of a Skerry. It was a place in the Dreaming, a stable dream that could be traveled to in sleep, where a great mirror, held up by statues of all five Counselors working together, could be asked a question and reveal a vision.

Around the time of its completion, Rel went missing (imprisoned by Rosetta), and Masks showed the dream to Nimbus. She asked the mirror where Rel could be found, but the answer she received was so tragic that she lashed out against Masks, deriding the Skerry as "an awful way to learn the Truth." She left, and in sorrow, Masks tipped the statues, holding the mirror, onto their side, and left, never to return.

The Skerry, affected by the mood of its creator, turned into a place of grief, sorrow, and loss. It still persists, and can be traveled to by those who know the way. These dreamers will find a valley, and at the center, five weathered statues, holding a mirror, all tipped on their side. The valley is full of gravestones, and it is always raining. On first entering, for a given night, the grief and sorrow of the place, always oppressive, will intensify, and a dreamer will be shown a vision of what might have been, or a reminder of what has been lost. Travelers who are alone may be swept up in this vision, forgetting entirely why they came, and finally waking with a deep sadness. It is always best to come as a group, to help ground each other.

If the visions and weight do not prove too much, a dreamer will be able to ask one question of the mirror, and receive a vision with a true answer, though interpretation may remain difficult. Seers may be able to use the mirror as a focus for further questions, through normal application of their magic.

The gravestones mark those who fell with deep connections to the Five Counselors, new or old. Most stones are weathered away to the point of being illegible, but last I traveled there, I could read the two most recent. Kellerburan and Shane Stillwater. May they both rest in peace.
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