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Magnus HeavyHammer

Magnus Heavyhammer woke up in a field. There was a tree in the center of the field. And in that tree there was a black-feathered bird, that peered this way and that.
"Hello, Matthew. It has been some time since I was here."
::caw!:: It looked hungrily at Magnus's eyes as the man awkwardly looked about his person. He had no gear, nothing with him at all except what Aurora gave him the day he was born. "Matthew, do you know where my clothes went to?" Magnus didn't make direct eye contact with the bird as he continued his search.
The bird hopped from branch to branch, flitting his wings here and there on the right side. Magnus searched around for his clothes, not wandering too far from the tree when he heard a familiar 'yipp yipp yipp' and could see, every once in a while, his dog Lily jumping up and down in the field, but not when she landed for the grass was tall. The farmer-made-knight moved toward the noise his dog was making. Once he found her, she did a little wiggle dance as all dogs do, and sat near the clothes and gear Magnus was used to. There was suddenly another caw from Matthew, but it sounded like a warning. With a small sound like the breeze, a masked being tumbled from nowhere, about fifty yards from Magnus, and then stumbled to its feet, looking over its shoulder. It was covered from head to...well, at least knees! in cloth, wearing a beige shirt over all of the drab clothing, a giant, odd brown and white Ying-Yang blatantly on its front.
There is another sound, but this one sounded more eerie and massive. The air picked up the field's grasses, bending them, playing with Magnus's hair and Lily's fur.
An Abomination cane crashing through from the nowhere, shrieking. The masked being bolts, the horror chasing after it. "PALLOR!" shouted Magnus, summoning his Taurse. "Okay, enough playing!" Knowing how dreams worked, Magnus desired his equipment and clothing on him through sheer will; closing his eyes he envisioned wearing his equipment and items. After being dressed in less than half-a-breath, he than snatched up Lily and turned to face the mount Pallor that trotted through the field to greet him. The man jumped on the Taurse and bolted after The abomination and the cloth-looking odd creature. He chased them to the edge of the field, gaining speed on the two when

Magnus landed with Pallor and Lily in a muddied stream, watching this cloth-covered being tear further down a steep embankment, sloping towards a raging river. The horror that followed had become more humanoid: slimy, shiny-skin but pale gray as though drowned, eyes blackened and bruised and bulging. Scrags of hair at the very top of its crown were pulled into a loose top knot. It rode on its own beast, which had four legs, and on each leg was a fin. The head was that of a giant cat-fish with fangs, and no eye lids on rider or beast. The humanoid wore rags and leather plates and rusted chained mail, looking for all the world like a warrior that was once caught in a river itself and was drowned. It continued chase after the masked being, the embankment not a problem.
Magnus continued the chase himself, Unstrapping the bow from his back, he knocked an arrow and prepared to fire to the far right of the fish creature when the cloth-being creature moved left. Before firing, the man activated a light spell on the tip of his bow muttering, "This should get its attention... wait for it... wait for it... FIRE!"
The white light spell zoomed just over its shoulder, causing the mount to hiss and shriek as the rider pulled it up short, halting its progress. The masked, cloth-covered being still ran, but the Abomination tilted its head and neck back, as though only lightly looking over its shoulder. It snarled a curse in some set of syllables that caused the Taurse, the rider, and the puppy to cringe. Magnus put the bow away, drawing his long sword. His intention was to bolt past the creature and attempt to get between the running creature and the chasing abomination. Because of this, he edges Pallor to go faster and into a sprint. The abomination drew a sword as well when the man passes, in one swing cutting the pack that Lily rode in straight away from Magnus and the Taurse. With a yelp, the dog and bag landed somewhere in the mud and muck as the man cruised on. The abomination dismounts, its face that of a fish as well in looks. The masked being, seeing yet another creature apparently chasing after it, tripped and bounced, rolling and tumbling and smashing its crown upon a tree before stumbling into the river with a great splash. Pallor halted as Magnus turned the Taurse around to face the Abomination, sword in hand. It raised its weapon at Magnus, pointing, but said nothing, as though challenging him.
"You picked the wrong person to mess with." Attemping to draw the monster's attention from Lily, Magnus hopped down from Pallor and prepares for combat. "I stand as Defender and Knight of Blackwood; name your terms of this combat."
"I win, you die. I defeat, I leave." The vocal effect was like fingernails against a piece of slate. The Taurse pawed at the ground with a hoof, ears swiveled back.
(What about Master?) Lily whimpered, contacting her master mentally.
"Will you accept that if you win, I die and if I win, you leave and do not hunt or bother the Creature you were chasing ever again?" asked the man, not lowering his guard.
The monster nodded, shrugging off its mantled cape of writhing snakes and seaweed, the pile landing with a slightly sickening hiss as the snakes spread in every direction. It smacked its mount on its flank, causing a shriek as the mount charged the Taurse. The monster however, charged Magnus.
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