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Magnus sees Masks

When last we left the intrepid hero, a simple swim turned into a deadly horse chase, and an honorable discharge turned into a lesson taught about assassination. Magnus, for the first time in five years, locked his door that night as he attempted to sleep... and woke up in the area of the Dreamscape that he was familiar with. And he asked for something...

"Story Teller, can you take me through Masks story? I want to know him better. Also, do you have Tom the Rhymer's story at your disposal?" We can and we do not, but... if the spell could locate the Rhymer... we could possibly add him to our own.
"Please let me know if you can locate the Rhymer."
We have sent him a dream. We know not when he will respond, if at all. Did you wish to continue to find out about Masks?
"Yes, please." Magnus shifts his weight as he crosses his arms over dream armor, that of black and blue and with a personal heraldry done up in silver across the heart. It was the casual armor of the Defender, as Magus imagined she once wore, rather than the armor he mentally would picture himself in. There wasn't a Rhymer's sword here this time, though. No spell components that he saw, just the garb.

The stained glass disc's lighted color from below shifted through brighter colors: orange, yellow, and even some white. The image itself changed into a pair of bright masks, revealing the twins Comedy and Tragedy, with a five-pointed white star in the middle. Five doors, in gilded frames, rose up from the edges of the disc. Magnus saw pictures upon each door: a mask, plain. A mask, bearing a heart shape. A mask that was a bit confusing in shape and style. A mask that looked regal. Lastly, a frightening (or a frightened?) mask. Which will you choose?

"Storyteller, this may not work, but... which one should I see first? I mean, Masks doesn't experience time as I do. So it all happened... Well, non-linearly or at the same time if I remember correctly. I am not certain if there is an order, is there?" There is, and yet isn't. The stories are more from their perspectives. When they met what you call Masks. How it went. You are correct in stating that Masks hasn't an order of time, but if you wish to see it as they do, then the first mask, the plain one, is where to start. "As you say, I will start there then," replied Magnus, as he headed toward the appropriately marked door.
When Magnus could see again the sky above him was blue and cloudless, with a sun in the sky and a full moon as well. The land below was made of grass, flowers, some trailing vines, and in front of him and behind him, forming an extremely long wall, was a hedge. Magnus looked all around him, his eyes appreciating everything that existed here. The peace, the calm. He wonders what was on the other side of the hedge, however it was just tall enough that even with a few good jumps one couldn't see over the top. There were birds singing out, calling to one another, and the occasional pair of dragonflies zipped past Magnus, who took a right turn.

Magnus began to hear music play in the distance. Bag pipes? Drums? Something. "Hmm... how interesting. I wonder where it is coming from...?"
There were more birds singing as well, but in harmony with the music being played. Walking for some time, Magnus's ears picked up individual instruments joining the song. Violins, harps, all sorts of strings. Many flutes and blown instruments, and some that were producing notes he had never heard of (with no name to give them, without being able to see). The maze turned and twisted around; navigating by the sound Magnus moved closer, curious at what the sound was.
After walking for what seemed like forever (or maybe not a lot of time at all), Magnus strode around the corner and saw a very large, open dais-shaped stage made of ivory and stone. There were two faeries bowing to each other, as the music changed over into a beautiful song, better than the last few notes Magnus had been following. The woman was veiled in this place, and even with all her spins and steps Magnus never saw her face. The man was familiar, though. He inspired pride, confidence, and radiated honor and authority, even from this distance (about a hundred paces or so)... but the woman. The woman was Joy shelled, Rapture in a dress, Light upon the Eyes. They danced, closed, parted, then danced back together.
Magnus's heart leaped within his chest; it was inspired to see these two. And then the instruments, Magnus noted, had no players, yet they were still playing. Drums beat of their own accord, harp strings vibrated, flutes had air traveling through to produce the notes needed for this gorgeous melody. The human started tapping his foot with the beat and clapping a bit, swaying somewhat in time to the song but with a broad smile on his face. A few hummingbirds zoomed over to investigate, flitting here and there, then flew away as the music continued to play. As Magnus danced with the music, he found he was being carried away mentally: He can't make a mistake here. There are no wrong steps, just to move the way the heart is guiding him.
All self-conscious thoughts for a brief moment are shoved aside, as he swings, moves, dances with the music, gracefully and with poise. Something a farmer may have never thought he could do. Soon, the music reached a crescendo, finishing out with the two dancers bowing to each other, and then faded completely away, the instruments being placed down on the ground by unseen hands. The two faeries applaud, looking up towards the sky and all around. Magnus waved at the faeries, but they took no notice as the man whispered something to the woman. She nods and spoke in a voice that sent Magnus's spirit soaring (and his heart to break at the same time):

"Must we? ...alright." She turned and addressed the open stage. "We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of this. We hope, in the coming moons and tides, that we will get to understand all of you, know you better, and that we shall never cause harm. ... we must return to our duties now, but let me say, I wish I could stay here. I wish you could be by our side, by my side. You are a treasure that no one can hold, a memory I will forever cherish. I love you, and the gift you have given will warm me for many times to come."

The woman gave a very deep curtsy, and the man a deep bow. They stepped off the stage, him giving her his hand, and they walked side by side back into the Hedge, soon out of sight.

Magnus was alone. ...what do I do? I kinda want to follow those two... I feel like the whole world here wants to follow them and yet it's holding back...considering... what does this have to do with Masks's beginning? After a few more seconds, Magnus decided to follow the couple. Realizing, though, that due to them being faeries they're probably light and quick on their feet, he hustled after them. His boots pounded upon the ground and up the stairs onto the dais to cross over and get to the other side, but once in the middle he could see over the hedge in many directions, and saw no one else within the maze. Turning this way and that, Magnus had lost sight of them... but maybe they were never there in the first place.

His heart sinks.

Then a stranger thing took place: the sky seemed to be settling into a sort of twilight, and the instruments themselves play again, 'marching' up the dais. Magnus realized that unless he moved he might soon be surrounded by these things. He ducked and dodged to avoid being hit; the movement forcing him down a few steps, but no instruments struck Magnus, although it became rather crowded up on the dais. The music continued to play, as he spotted a shooting star in the sky. Soon, the landscape itself faltered, faded, giving way to nothing but a star-scape. The music still played yet was unseen by Magnus, although sounding spacial, ...echo-y. Magnus is suspended in the space, stars rotating around a bit here and there. His 'sense' of touch recognized that there was a 'floor' under where he was currently standing. Should I move in any direction, though, it is unknown...

Stars above, below, besides Magnus. Some fast and distant, some slow and within arms' reach. Recalling it later to a friend, it was over-whelming and incredible. Magnus looked for brightest pair of stars and attempted to head towards them. Not necessarily walking, but more willing his way towards the stars. The brightest pair seem to either head to Magnus, or him to it. And then the two stars are covered: fast, suddenly, a black linen thrown between the two. The 'cloth' took a step back, bedecked from head to toe in bright, vibrant, running patterns that reminded Magnus of music, of happy days, of Hope in raw form. The 'cloth' turned its head from one side to the other, then gathered up one 'hand' of stars, pressing it to its face. In a large climatic 'ta-da!' with the music, a masked being sprung to life, dancing all around the stars, to music that was exuberant, spirit-soaring, invoking tears of joy. It danced and danced and danced, extremely pleased to 'be'.

Magnus watches this new individual and, while it was unusual for him, began to follow the dance of the being made of stars and sky and music. Magnus and the masked being sync up their dance, using the same small moves, the same large swings, and yet not a word was said between them as they moved. He intrinsically understood that this was a story being told...


...And as he ended on one knee, bowing with a sweep of his arm onto the stained glass disc, he knew he had finished a chapter.

Welcome back.

"Hello," replied Magnus slowly, getting to his feet and brushing off the armor. "I would assume that was the King and Queen, Mab that is, in the last memory...the ones dancing."

Yes, yes it was. That is how Masks got his start.
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