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Phee's Aftermath from Midoru

It was night-time, and nine bells had been rung plus the half-way mark. October 18th, 1010, Darkhealden Keep in Achoria.

I feel so much more awake now! Phee grinned, blinking her eyes as she sat up and stretched. That nap was amazing, and so much more restful than what I got last night.

Phee became quickly aware when she woke up of a few things: one) a headache was brewing once she sat up, two) a lot of the power (and Midoru) that she had been granted had been taken away, and three) anger coursed through her. Someone or something cowardly took Midoru away from her as she slept.




Phee rubbed her face with a groan, prodding mentally at where Midoru had been ...wait. What the hell? It was...oh. Oh shit. This...what the hell did I do?! None of that little (well, not so little) confidence, power...I didn't exercise any control...and someone is pissed.

She whimpered loudly, trying to ignore the throbbing pain in her head. Shit was going to blow up in her face, that's for sure. Phee thought over the last few weeks with a wince, cringing at everything she had done in that time. Oh. Oh that is...I did that to Tillion?! All he was trying to do was help, too...and Valas! Oh, Elements and Balance, that...I had driven him to...

Waves of regret and anger washed over her. If they had just let her have her way in the first place, none of this would have happened this way. She had every right to be selfish. ...but was it worth hurting everyone over it? They took my source of confidence, so if they confront me, how am I going to stand up to them and not break? Glancing down, she stared at the necklace before scooping up her writing kit, determined to at least right one wrong she had done. Booking it out of the Keep and straight for Mandir Luna, Phee hoped Chandra would forgive her for asking this to be fixed...and for doing it in the first place.
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