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Masks' Story

On a beautiful, sunny day in the First Age of Fae, the King and Queen danced in the middle of a hedge maze. They danced to music coming from instruments which were playing themselves. Their dancing was rhythmic, a work of art. They finally slowed and bowed/curtsied to each other, and the music ended. The affectionately embraced, but as they were about to leave, Queen Mab said that they should have one more song, to thank the Cnuic na Sidhe (the Deep Fae). As this final song ended, a doorway appeared which the King and Queen stepped through, and as they did, Mab sighed "I wish you could be with me forever."

This echoed, through Air and Space, to the being which would become known as Masks. Merging stars together, the clothing which came to be identified as Masks formed, and danced out of its previous home and into Faerie, becoming a counselor.
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