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Shane's Sent Dreams

Usually, when a person is in the Dreaming, it has been said: it tends to be their consciousness that is Awakened, and going about the business as usual. There have been theories as well that it isn't one's consciousness, but one's soul that goes traveling. After all, how do you explain some of the odd scalpings over the years that involved the Dreaming?

Everyone KNOWS you don't go in bodily.

...but what happens if you're in there too long? What happens to your body if there's no one there to care for it? It grows sick, weak, and dies pretty quickly. All the while, you're still in the Dreaming.

How. Would. You. Know.
"...so, where am I?" a young male.
"We're in Space." a younger female.
"No... not really."
"...that's not funny."
"It's not meant to be."
"So, where AM I, then?"
"Outside of my domain entirely. A man with a mask, a man with a face, he rules here."
"Then why are you here, Aisling?"
"I'm here for two reasons: one, your star was shattered. Two, a Dreamer that has been here too long. I haven't been able to reach him, either."
"Can I help?"
"I don't know if you can... but if he's in the masked man's domain, you'll need to--oh right, you're a ghost, like me."
"Yeaaaaah, I was wondering about that."
"Well, you can't do that, I'm afraid."
"But you CAN leave clues."
"Clues about where to find him, where to find you. You can also leave Clues about the BSG skerrie here--"
"Oh my land and sea, they completed it!"
"Yes, as so I said months ago."
"...Tell me what to do!"
"Alright... just listen..."

Shane's voice: "Can you hear me? History is going to come into play. How much do you really know about your 'job'? Have you actually attempted any of the tasks before you? What is going on? Do you know the original story of how Masks came to be? REALLY know it? Do you realize that you have less than a month before the stars are right, and a Dreamer is selected? What have you done? No more procrastination, no more time. If you really want this, you need to work for it. Just like we Inventors have been busting ass, and the Mages have gotten their stuff together, Dreamers are the FIRST. We NEED you guys to help the rest of us. Don't you understand what is at stake? The right to call yourself the Peacemaker, First Friend, Counselor of Sky and Space! You are the FIRST. Helping the Queen! I saw the darkness that's there, that's coming. Land and sea above, I SAW it. Here's your first clue:

'Rescue the book before the nightmare finishes.'

You guys have got to find Tillion before you start this, too."
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