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Little Known Things: Masks

Greetings, Dame Magus Faelinn Shadowmoon. Thank you for taking all these letters I'm about to send, and for putting them together in the correct spaces. As I am currently watching over someone to make sure they don't do something rather foolish, I'm afraid you'll only be able to get these bit by bit regardless. Again, you have my thanks.

Masks is and was an incredible creature. 'Tis a shame that those who knew him best are no longer as active in their adventuring careers, for they could tell amazing stories, especially the late Kellerburan: a former Chimeron Militia man named Keller who found the Black Star Guild when they didn't wish to be found, and thus Kellerburan was made... but that's a different story for another time.

Songs of Ice, This Magical, Mystical Moment: "Masks" was first spotted at an actual gathering at The Songs of Ice, within the Mysts of Faerie. At least, it was 'said' that it was Masks. It looked like a combination of Harlest, but dressed in black and golds and with some skin still showing in parts. At any rate, Gideon and Shirak followed him instead of staying the course, and the two were lost for a while and came back scalped because of it. Paris was also spotted here (even though he was quite dead), Gwydion and Nimbus (First Age) had a good long conversation and gifted a striped rose to give to Gideon, but the pirate Spyder trashed it, such was his hatred for the tavern-burner. There was also a Freesia from another time and place, and thus she drew Alexander Cecil out after her. Duke Domino was also here, making his first gathering as the Duke of Magic to the mortals. He carried a song with him, but no one attempted to get it to my knowledge.
- So, little known fact: that was not Masks, but 'The Thespian' or 'The Actor', Titania's false counselor of Sky and Space. Not *quite* like Masks, this male (yes, male) faerie was able to figure out how to bend reality to his will wherever he went BEFORE he became a Counselor, and before he met Midoru. Yes, that Midoru. He was good at acting, but a Dreamer he was not the best. If anything, his influence is still slightly felt today, which is probably one of the reasons they jumped on Entertainer harder than Dreamer at first (during his time). He wasn't actually as creative as Masks; most if not all of his productions and performances were once staged by someone else. He could memorize exceedingly well, and he longed to change the name of the position, thus 'The Thespian'. His real name has been lost to time and space, even I couldn't scry for it. The other four Counselors of Titania's, however, were ordered by Oberon to put him down when he became a crazy threat. (End Page 1)

(snipped from two missives, September 17th, 1010 M.R.)
How do the Deep Fae relate to Bedlam? Would these entities help in the fight against Bedlam? What form of communication do we have with these entities? Are these entities of the Light? Or would we be damning ourselves with a “lesser” evil by treating with them? (This was written by the now late adventurer Rune.) Deep Fae lived in Fae well before Faeries did. They are ancient, powerful, and terrifying, and they can destroy everything if they so much as speak. Masks, one of Queen Mab's Counselors, was/is Deep Fae, and never spoke louder than a whisper. My experience with them starts and ends with Masks, unfortunately. (This was written by Phoenix Rose Dawncry-Nosetti, a Path-walker at the time as well for Sky and Space.)

It is true, Deep Fae lived in Faerie well before Faeries did. However, in the latter part of the second sentence: that is simply not true for all Deep Fae, but specifically for Masks. Masks, in his entire existence, only ever 'spoke' five times: the last, it was noted, I believe to one Ged Loremipsum. You will have to ask him of what they spoke of, because my scrying isn't allowing me to peer in.
(End Page 2)

Where are you going this time?
Please don't go that way. We have a lot to teach you in such a short time.
Now, listen up. Most of you don't understand the language of sign like "Masks" did, but--
You can't see?
One moment.
Is that better?
No, I didn't make this place. I'm just attempting to help you out, to get you all to take in this dream.
What do you mean, you can't see it still?
This is going to be much harder than I thought.
Alright... from the top.
Do you remember the story?
Do you remember what you learned from it?
One of the most important things?
Dreamers can craft their own place, if they become skilled enough.
It requires lots of practice, however.
And you need to check out a Seeing Place. Do you know what that is?
You don't? Ask Rel.
You'll need to learn how to craft and-- oh crap, are you waking up? Oh COME ON, CAN'T YOU SLEEP LONGER THAN--?!?!
So, confession time. I was reading the lists, and watching, and then I was going to gatherings, and watching. And when I heard that people could craft Dreams to send to each other, I decided to reach out to my Secondary, which is Dreamer, to attempt to get the Dreamer Path-walkers to move forward, do something, anything. Aisling helped me through it so I wouldn't get completely lost in Space. I sent this the night of the thirteenth of December, 1010 M.R. - Aven (End Page 3)

About powers: Harlest's ties to Masks have given him the ability to locate anyone who is tied to the Five Councilors of Fae, and the direction of their presence from his current location. Only applies to such persons who are actually on-site. Yup, he's had this ability for a while because he was the first to actively work on such matters. Well, except when he rejected it in the beginning. To be fair, I might have, too. Anyway, ALL Dreamers or Sky/Space Primary Path-walkers have this ability, Dame Faelinn. That is, until maybe years/"time" down the line that Johan might change it, as he is the newest Counselor of Sky and Space for Queen Nimbus. (End Page 4)

At a gathering that started in the Misty Hills this year, adventurers fell asleep and went into the Dreaming to try and track down Quinn of Gryffindor, to separate him from the Curse Rune, Midoru. One of the dream skerries involved going up against all types of monsters, but monsters dropped 'cards' that explained five random people that were among the group, yet could not speak. these cards were for Masks:

This Counselor appeared after an enchanted evening dance.
This Counselor kept one of the other Counselor from an important Bond.
Sky and Space were this Counselor’s domain.
This counselor had black kitsune foxes as servants.
The only counselor to be put to sleep, rather than killed. (End Page 5)

bluemoon the correct answer
gruagach the bad answer
foxglove - These were the words off the circle puzzle presented at An Entertaining Dream. (End Page 6)
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