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The Late Gray

1004 -
Gray was a student at the School of Trade, nestled deep in L'Havre de Foret (the Haven of Forest). He was a Seelie fae elf who grew tired of the very droll way his life had turned (there was no one left to his house after a very old fae, unrelated to Gray, had died). Being able to mix things on the fly, Gray enrolled in the brownie schools (leaving the courts), and met some kind and crazy people: Slaader, Harlest, Gryf, Josua, Liselle, Davner Dwarven Blacksmith, Shalindra to name a few.

1005 -
Gray became fond of a young man named Hunwald who had enrolled as well, and was worried about the amount of war and politics that seemed to be edging ever closer into L'havre de Foret. The start of the Insectafae Wars caused Gray to question what was important in life, no matter how many lives/cycles one gets. Hunwald and Gray worked closely together to decipher things about the Shadow. Gray started suspecting his teachers of being biased...

1006 -
Gray became a prominent Alchemist, and even invented a few things as he combined powers with Sorcery. His 'familiar' was a long, golden quill pen that had a personality of its own (he called it Quill). He completed his two-year at the School of Trade and also graduated with many a Brownie badge of honor from other schools and guilds within the groups as well. He was asked to stay on as a sort of grad student/teacher, and was paid enough to live and to continue his experiments. Gray gave Hunwald a clue or two on how he thought Black Annis (once a major Insectafae foe in the Dreaming) could be defeated. He mourned the loss of Hunwald at the end of the late summer/early fall, as he fell in the Insectafae Wars.

1007 -
Gray discovered that one of his teachers was in fact not the fae being he thought him to be, and kept tabs on the being as it drained other students dry of life and 'color', and found more beings like the teacher in the forest. He named them 'Colorless' after finding Hunwald's Journals around the forest schools, and noted that they drain those who are exceedingly good at 'what they do'. Gray escaped to the South into the city of Paradise not soon after. Paradise was rocked very hard by the Rites of War and then the following Illinarian Sieges. The city began falling between two planes: Faerie and the Prime Material Plane (The Realms). Gray became a casual acquaintance of a dark elf in Paradise called Critias. He also discovered that Harlest, Magus Bright Oakfellow, Sir Mahkta McKrye, and Kellerburan/Kell have all been affected by the Colorless as well.

1008 -
Gray started to have odd dreams and visions of pathways and trinkets, and of Faerie itself... (This is all I have on Johan's dead Servant for now. - Aven.)
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