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A Part of Hunwald's Path

Dreamer: Hunwald
Date: 10/30/2015
Where dream occured: Unclaimed Lands
Interpretation included: None Yet.
It's been a while, but since I'm here for a bit... - Aven

Hunwald looked at the choices that laid upon the pillars before him, and stood for a little while in thought. But as he realized what each choice required and meant, a grin appeared on his face and he let out a long, deep laugh. "My Ladies, you have left out the greatest weapon of all in these choices. My chosen weapon is that of words, and I have found it to be more useful than all of these. For each one of these are weak or strong against each other in their turns, but the word makes each one more useful and binds them together. I have learned, in my short time in these lands, that the best help I can give is in the form of words, not strength, ferocity, or power. And so I will take all and none of these choices because they are merely tools that aid my words, nothing more."

And with that he gathers up each of the weapons, sticks the mace in his belt, hold the shield in his left hand and brandishes sword in his right. "What do you say to this? What is your decision?"

The sword disappears and appears back on the pillar. The shield latches off the belt and is laid to rest. The mace removes itself and lands where it was.

~I say that you are trying to not make a decision at all, but looking for another way that is more pleasing that encompasses all. Such is not the question put forth to you by Tyche, Tymora, Fortuna. So noted.~

The pillars crumbled and the stained glass shattered, and Hunwald fell through into the blackness.
He tumbled end over end, falling through a silent wind, and then saw another circle of stained glass coming close to him. Hunwald landed softly with no fanfare. This circle showed a woman with long black hair, clothed all in dark blues and bright blues. She pets a black wolf, and the phases of a bright white moon were all depicted on the borders. She stood in the middle of a large pool of water, while the wolf was lounging on a rock.

~Sometimes, one must work with what they they are given, what they are offered.~

"As you wish, Tyche, Tymora, and Fortuna. But I do not recind or regret my statement." As he looked upon the new stained glass window he recognizes her and says, "Well, Luna, what is your test?"
Four large poles raise high to eye-level, made of polished ebony. On each one is a type of Moon: New, Half to Full, Full, Half to New(new).
~New Moon. All things come to an end, but thankfully to start over. Hidden in the shadow of the Earth, not even the Sun can see its deeds for good or ill. Solitary, hermantic, deep beyond measure~

~The Crescent - New beginnings from old mistakes. Endless possibilities. Stretching for new horizons. Let the flight take place, let the dreams come. All is answered, and all is puzzled. Questioning. Curiousity. Unique.~

~The Half Moon - Following through regardless of others' thoughts to the path one knows is ahead. Pride is there, but not arrogantly so. A bit of fear still lingers on the unknown cloaked in shadow. Determination. Blind Eye. Goal-orientated.~

~Full Moon. Lunacy. Change is inevitable, in seasons, in people, in Life and Death. Blessings and Curses both work even stronger. Madness can consume, unless you take all evil to light. Lofty. Insatiable. Willpower.~
~Choose a moon to which you feel has more calling on your life.~

Hunwald smiles again, albeit softly. "The crescent m'lady. But I suspect that my life will wax and wane just as the moon, and I will go through all of these states eventually."

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